It turns out that at the beginning of 2021, Samsung already had a pair of TWS flagship headphones: these are Buds Live and Buds Pro. Both devices are equipped with active noise cancellation, a bunch of microphones, well prepared for working with a wide variety of content, but differ greatly in appearance and several chips. Let’s consider them in more detail.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS Review: Design

The Galaxy Buds Pro design can be called classic – if the appearance of Buds Live at one time raised several questions, but how they sit, how to insert, and which case, then everything is traditional here. The only thing is that now Samsung has its own attachments. They come off with a click, are easy to change. There are three pairs in the kit. Also included is a USB Type-C cable, and, of course, wireless charging is supported.

The correct fit is very dependent on the size of the attachments (and how you do it), and, as always, a caveat is needed. Buds Live and Buds Pro came to me, but everything is individual – so the best way is one: go to the salon yourself, try on, listen, try all the functions.

Another point is related to color. Glossy black headphones look cool, but there are also silver and purple ones, so that I would choose purple for myself – I understand that the solution is not the most popular, but it looks really cool. In general, Samsung has exciting colors, I could have bought a black Fold 2, but in the end, I settled on “bronze” and still have no regrets.

Now the most important thing: there is only one correct way to insert these headphones: we insert and turn, the top of the cup must be tilted away from you by 25-30 degrees. If it looks up, it means that it is inserted incorrectly, and it will not bring anything except discomfort. If the headphones sit down badly, they will sound much worse, and positive vibrations will bypass you.

The case is small, easily fits into any pocket. There are light indicators that indicate the charging/discharging of the headphones. But, most importantly, this is the size: dragging Buds Pro in jeans, in sweatpants, in shorts at home – generally excellent. If you want, you can even dive in the headphones, among other Buds Pro headphones are the best protected from water – IPX7, half an hour at a depth of one meter, everything is as it should be.

Just do not forget that the technician does not like saltwater, and it is better not to jump into the sea/ocean in Buds Pro. And the charging case is not waterproof, but Samsung promises a special waterproof case for the charging case.

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There are no buttons on the cups. Control is carried out using touches. Some things happen intuitively. For example, if you turn on a special setting in the Galaxy Wearable program menu, then when you start talking, the headphones will turn on the transparency mode – this is very convenient in the office. Someone asked something, you didn’t hear it, as the music was playing, asked again – and then all the surrounding sounds break through to you. And all this without hands!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS Review: Galaxy Wearable Program

When I opened the case next to the Galaxy Fold 2, there was a prompt to connect headphones, then the download of the Galaxy Wearable program started. I will not torment you with a description of each function. I will tell you about the importance.

Turn on Voice Detection right away – at least it’s definitely worth a try. With this feature, the headphones automatically turn off noise canceling and mute the music volume when you start talking to someone.

Do not forget to download the update for the headphones – one has arrived during use, it will also be at the beginning of sales.

A quick connection of headphones is also useful, activated in the “Additional” tab. Well, when you start listening to music, try to choose an equalizer to your taste. There is also such a section here.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS Review: Control

On each cup, touchpads, in the Galaxy Wearable application, you can choose which touch is responsible for what. In short, the headphones understand four types of touches: one touch, two touches, touch and hold, touch and hold the pads of two headphones at once (required to enter pairing mode). Touch and hold can be customized – for example, instead of controlling noise/transparency, choose to decrease or increase the volume. For those who like to lie on a pillow and watch a movie (for me), there is also a disconnection of sensors.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS Review: Working hours

The claimed operating time is up to 5 hours with the noise-canceling system on and 8 hours with the ANC turned off, in five minutes of charging in the case we get an hour of playback. Accordingly, the case gives from 13 to 20 hours extra. In real life, you forget about charging: listened on the way to work, put it in a case, in the office threw the case on wireless charging, took it out, listened to music, put it away again. Considering that many do not use ANC all the time, you can safely count on at least 6-7 hours of battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS Review: Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation and Voice Quality

Active noise cancellation can be turned on and off, and you can also adjust the noise reduction level. It can be high or low. I am typing these lines in the office, colleagues are talking nearby, music is playing, and I can see how they open their mouths, but I cannot make out anything. If you turn on the Ambient Sound mode (for simplicity, we will call it the transparency mode) – as if it breaks through a dam, and immediately you find yourself in the epicenter of all the sounds around, very cool. By the way, this model also has several adjustment levels.

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I checked the quality of speech transmission in the office and on the street. In the office, they can hear me perfectly, literally as if I’m standing next to me – you can stand, sit, walk, the quality of speech transmission is excellent. If you speak on the street, the interlocutors notice how the headphones are trying to bring the voice to the fore due to the DSP – obviously, there are still software updates coming. Still, now you can walk along Nikolskaya Street, communicate, and there are no quality problems. You hear you hear.

In addition to a bunch of microphones for picking up voices, ambient sounds for supplying in antiphase for ANC operation, there is also an interesting thing called Wind Shield. These are holes on the cup – the system filters out the wind noise.

One of the external microphones is highly sensitive with a high SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) not previously seen in Galaxy Buds. Also, the Bone Conduction Sensor, which first appeared in Buds Live, is present here.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS Review: Game Mode

There is a Labs section in the application settings, where various experimental modes are collected. So far, only the game is available. I immediately turned it on. If you play games on mobile devices, then you have probably encountered audio transmission delays. There may be artifacts or interruptions. This regime is intended to rectify the situation.

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I chose the hardest option for testing, played Call of Duty: Mobile on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. This is an online shooter. It is demanding on hardware, network quality, headphones – in short, everything. What can I say? Everything is fine. There were no interruptions. You can easily understand where the enemy is coming from. Even an average volume level is enough for a comfortable game, explosions, shots, cool effects. The immersive effect is present. Hopefully, we’ll see more special settings in the experimental section.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS Review: Movie

Fold 2 has amassed a fair amount of movies in the library. In general, I’m going to write everything about the device in more detail – one of my favorite gadgets that I once had. The device is not simple, expensive, with its own characteristics and fields of application. Both Buds Pro and Buds Live are ideal companions for the Fold and any large-screen smartphones. You can conveniently watch a TV series, film, or YouTube, even in a crib, at a lunch break, at least on the subway, at least on an airplane – a bundle is prepared in seconds, it works for a long time.

First of all, I included a wonderful film “Lighthouse,” where the sound is of great importance and evokes many emotions – the Buds Pro turned out to be good here.

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The second number is a piece from “Argument” – I also liked everything very much, and music, and voices, and shooting. I also watched about twenty minutes of “Gentlemen” – and there are no questions either: juicy, bright, to match the magnificent picture and images.

It will be interesting to try 360 Audio with Samsung’s new products, while I have not yet managed to take the S21 from colleagues. I will try to supplement this chapter a little later.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS Review: Music

The headphones are very curiously arranged inside. Below is a cutaway picture. Two drivers are used: a 6.5 mm high-frequency driver and an 11 mm low-mid frequency driver. Let me remind you that this design is scarce in TWS headphones. People from AKG set up the drivers.

It is also interesting. Everything is cool here from a Bluetooth point of view: profile 5.0, quick reconnection to different devices in the Galaxy ecosystem (for example, if you have a tablet or another smartphone with OneUI 3.1). From the perspective of codecs, these are the proprietary Scalable Codec, AAC, and SBC. The model is universal and suitable for users of any device. Scalable Codec works with Fold 2, and it is good. I used Spotify with a “max” subscription and enjoyed the sound a lot. Don’t neglect the landing! It is essential.

I listened to a little different music. Here are just three examples of different genres.

Number one: Let Me Love You Like a Woman. This is Lana Del Rey. I love to include both old and new albums in the car on the way home from work here. You can remember the States and the trip to her concert – the headphones do not fail, the voice sounds mysterious and unique, emotionally.

Number two: Esser Conscient, this is our beautiful Upercent. You can use this track to test your headphones, and it’s a good example of modern electronic music.

Okay, okay, here’s another great album, great mood music – Gorillaz, Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez. All the tracks are good. Try listening on Buds Pro!

Verdict: Should you buy Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS?

For Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS, the retail price of the headphones will be $199.

I liked the sound quality, the voice quality, the noise reduction system’s implementation, and the automatic inclusion of the transparency mode when you start speaking. The application is convenient. The operating time is optimal, the correct set of codecs, the ideal behavior in games, movies when watching streaming video, be it Netflix or YouTube. The only recommendation is fitting when buying. Otherwise, I can safely recommend it.

Well, as you already understood, these are one of the first Samsung headphones designed for “their” audience, Galaxy owners of all stripes – here you have auto-switching, and your application, experimental modes, and surely there are many more interesting chips ahead. Will wait!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro TWS











  • Great noise reduction system
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Transparency mode while speaking
  • Ideal for games, movies, etc
  • IPX7


  • High priced

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