Looking for wireless headphones under $1000? Now that Wireless noise canceling headphones are already very firmly established in our lives its great to find quality items on a budget. And Philips TAH9505 is an excellent representative of this class. For most tasks, I have enough “plugs”, but there are cases in which one cannot do without full-size headphones. In particular, I hate the noise on the subway and on the plane. Although over the past two years, travel has become much less for obvious reasons. But on those rare trips and flights, I want to feel the maximum comfort. And here, of course, it is necessary that the ear is completely closed, and all extraneous noises are removed. I really liked these Philips TAH9505 headphones (their full name is Philips TAH9505BK / 00), because they cope with their task with a bang, but let’s look at them in more detail.

Packaging and contents of Philips TAH9505 headphones

Like all products of the Philips brand, the headphones come in a branded blue box, and quite large. All the advantages of the device are immediately indicated on it, and there is also a QR code for installing the application. This is convenient because often you do not immediately understand which of the brand’s applications is needed to work with a specific device.

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Inside, of course, are the headphones themselves, but not just like that, but in a beautiful black hard case. And here it immediately catches the eye that the headphones look as compact as possible in a flat state with unfolded cups. In principle, this arrangement is convenient if you carry a backpack and Philips TAH9505 fits right there next to a laptop or tablet. Great features for wireless headphones under $1000.


It’s nice that this is not just a rag bag, but a hard case. He will be able to protect an expensive gadget from scratches and dents, even if he suddenly falls to the floor. In general, it looks premium and cool. In addition to the headphones themselves, there is also a fairly rich package inside.


First, there is a charging cable, of course, with a USB-C output. Secondly, there is the AUX cable. Of course, the headphones are equipped with Bluetooth, but sometimes there are times when you need a wire connection. For example, to record my ForGeeks podcast, I always connect headphones directly to the microphone so that I can hear myself without delay for voice monitoring. And this is where the 3.5 mm cable comes in handy. In addition, there are many more even professional gadgets that have such a port, and this can affect the sound quality.

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And the third thing in the kit is an adapter for airplanes. The fact is that for transatlantic flights, and for shorter ones, airlines use aircraft with a multimedia system. And there are often very good films, TV shows and games. And in order not to drain your tablet or laptop, you can use a ready-made solution in the liner. But the headphones that are issued on board. as bad as possible, and of course there is no Bluetooth. Therefore, the ability to connect cool Philips TAH9505 with noise reduction to the aircraft’s on-board network is great. Those who fly more than once a year will definitely appreciate it. For wireless headphones under $1000 these features make flying that much easier.

Appearance of Philips TAH9505 headphones

The design of the earbuds is very laconic. This is a symmetrical black headband with a very soft material that is hardly felt on the head. The ear cups are round and rather massive, but lightweight at the same time. They completely cover the ear to help isolate external noise.


As I said, the headphones fold only flat and only in one direction. You won’t be able to fit them more compactly, but they fit into a backpack perfectly.


The ear cushions here are not the simplest ones, although they look like ordinary ones. The fact is that on the outside they are made of leather, and inside there is a material with a memory effect. And if the headband just springs nicely, then the ear cushions here fit snugly to the head, and this is very convenient. By the way, in these headphones, the inscriptions are very elegantly implemented to determine whether the left or right earphone. They are made on the inner grill of each speaker. Moreover, the letters L and R are huge, so it is impossible to confuse them. In addition, all the buttons and connectors are taken out on the right earpiece, and nothing on the left. In general, it is convenient.



As for the controls, there are several of them, although not all are in plain sight. The fact is that both cups have sensor modules that allow you to control the volume, switch tracks and pause. But the physical buttons are only on the right earpiece. There is already a power button, and a button for activating the noise control, and a button for starting the voice assistant. Philips TAH9505 has native Google Assistant integration. It’s nice that the headphones have a function to quickly turn off active noise canceling if you need to talk to someone. You just covered the right earpiece with your hand, and now the microphones are feeding sounds from the outside to your ears.

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There is also a port for connecting a wire. True, this is not a standard 3.5 mm, but 2.5 mm. Fortunately, there is a cable in the kit. If you suddenly have gadgets with a connector, you can use them.


Headphones look, of course, very premium. This is a matte color, inserts made of silver plastic and the frame of the ear cushions and headbands “under the skin”. Despite the fact that the headphones are made of plastic, they look great. Well, the use of plastic made them lightweight. I once had headphones with a metal headband. They look beautiful, but in a couple of hours the head gets very tired from the heaviness. Philips TAH9505 solved this perfectly, they are felt on the head, but I did not feel any discomfort even after 6 hours.

Sound and experience Philips TAH9505

Philips TAH9505 headphones not only look beautiful, but also work great. Inside the large, full-size cups are 40mm precision-tuned drivers. They deliver deep bass, balanced mids and fairly detailed highs. In my subjective opinion, these headphones sound better than many other full-size models. There is a really rich sound here, both in regular popular songs and when listening to heavy rock. The sound range of the headphones is from 20 Hz to 40 kHz, the sensitivity is 103 dB, they support SBC and AAC codecs. The headphones also have Hi-Res Audio certification. Up to two devices can be connected via Bluetooth 5.0, I have an iPhone and a laptop, between which I switch.


I have a very positive feeling from using Philips TAH9505. Most importantly, these headphones are lightweight and won’t squeeze your head. Thanks to this, you can walk in them all day and not feel discomfort. Now I use headphones as a headset when working from home and can sit in them all day. From the battery, the headphones work up to 27 hours without recharging, according to the manufacturer. In a real test, I even happened that the headphones lasted up to 30 hours. Overall, I charge my Philips TAH9505 once a week, which is awesome. And this is even in the ANC noise reduction mode. If you charge the earbuds for 15 minutes, they can work for another 5 hours. A full charge takes 2 hours.

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As for the controls, I pretty quickly figured out the touch buttons. It is especially pleasant that when you start the application, you are shown all the options and everything becomes clear at once. I hardly ever use my iPhone now to switch tracks and adjust the volume, everything can be done through headphones. Noise reduction is hybrid here. First, there are ear pads that cover the ear from outside sounds. And even this is enough for most cases. But there is also an active noise reduction mode, which is activated by a button.

Philips Headphones app

In general, the headphones work out of the box, and all controls are placed on the touch-sensitive and mechanical buttons. But if you want to customize something in detail, then you can use a special application. It is available for both iOS and Android. We think its top notch for wireless headphones under $1000.

The software shows information about the connection and the charge level of the headphones. Here you can adjust the volume and enable noise reduction. In addition, you can select automatic mode, when the headphones themselves will determine where you are and, depending on external noise, enable or disable noise reduction.

And the most important thing, of course, is the equalizer. You can select one of the preset presets. I really like Bass Boost. Or you can manually adjust each range if you want something special. Overall, the app is pretty simple and intuitive. I don’t use it often, but in the beginning I set up the equalizer for myself.

The Philips brand has long been renowned for its acoustic gadgets. They have great speakers, soundbars and headphones. And the addition of the Philips TAH9505 full-size noise canceling closed-back headphones to the brand’s portfolio is great news. The headphones turned out to be extremely balanced. They are lightweight, comfortable, and sound great. It is comfortable to stay in them all day, while active noise cancellation allows you to use headphones even in the subway, even on the plane. For 20 thousand rubles, you will receive a gadget that will be able to cover all the needs for high-quality listening to music both at home and on the road for several years. For the shopper looking for wireless headphones under $1000…We strongly recommend Philips TAH9505 for purchase.

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  • Design
  • Sound quality
  • Convenient control
  • Not very compact

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