I look forward to every new product from RHA, a small and proud company based in Glasgow. After almost every review, I have recommended the brand’s headphones. Why is that? RHA specialists create a good combination of price and performance, a good design, and their own music style – the RHA TrueControl ANC. The news about the release of “complex” TWS-headphones with noise-cancelling appeared quite a long time ago.

RHA TrueControl ANC: Design

This is probably the nicest case for TWS headphones that you have ever held in your hands – headphones protected by a massive metal part. The case can be placed on the table or laid down.

RHA TrueControl ANC Headphone Review

Minus – the surface of velvety plastic: both the case and the headphones are instantly covered with prints and other life traces. It feels like RHA made headphones for cyborgs and not for people – people sweat, there are particles of skin and sulfur in their ears, nothing can be done about it. So why not take some regular plastic? Apple probably chose a smooth white material for a reason because nothing is visible on it.

RHA TrueControl ANC Headphone Review Buds

RHA continues to delight the perfectionist, and the accessory holder is great. This is not a silicone bag like most manufacturers do. Here is a real work of art.

The case is charged using a USB Type-C connector, wireless charging is also supported, the headphone battery life is about five hours, and the case provides three more charges. That is, you can count on twenty hours in total. For a week of use, I have never encountered a shortage of charge. You can safely count on the declared five hours.

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There is also a question for landing. A cup of complex shape, and, to be honest, I could not get used to it. After an hour of use, you take out the headphones and breathe out straight with relief – it feels like a shoe when it seems to be your size, but there is some subtle suffering. I’m afraid to imagine what it will be like for girls and those who have smaller ears than me. I do not recommend buying RHA TrueControl ANC without trying it on – first try to walk for at least five minutes, then pay money. There is even a note on the official website describing tormenting designers when creating cups

RHA TrueControl ANC Headphone Review

Here’s another thing: the headphones cover the ear completely, which, in theory, should provide good passive noise isolation. But if the music is not playing, then you can perfectly hear all the sounds around. How it happens, I don’t know.


The program is called RHA Connect. It’s worth installing for the sake of updating the firmware and adjusting the equalizer. The utility looks good. There are no questions to work with.

RHA TrueControl ANC: Noise reduction and transparency mode

The functions are activated by double tap on the platform on the right cup. The actions occur in a circle: noise reduction is on, noise reduction is off, transparency mode. Alas, compared to AirPods Pro, the operation of the systems is almost imperceptible. There is simply no dramatic difference. When you listen to music, and the volume is set slightly above half, the voices of colleagues nearby are lost. It is worth turning off the music, and even with the included noise reduction device, you can make out every word. How the ANC was set up, who said that it was good and that such headphones could be put on sale – I do not know. If only, for example, they took AirPods Pro, where when ANC is turned on, they cover the ears like pillows.

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RHA TrueControl ANC Headphone Review

So that you understand how strange everything is: on the official website they write, they say, “Get rid of the fury of office keyboards or the bustle of the subway and immerse yourself in your own soundtrack.” In fact, with the music turned off and the noise-cancelling system turned on, I can still perfectly hear the sound of keys and the voices of teenagers from the street.

Sound: Does it impress?

Custom 6mm dynamic driver, aptX and AAC support, and traditionally good sound quality. What is “good”? Nothing sticks out anywhere. Everything is smooth and beautiful. Once again, I want to complain: I would have made a regular cup, and I would have replaced my AirPods Pro with RHA. I like the character of the sound much more. But, alas, I can’t walk with them for a long time.

Verdict: Should you buy RHA TrueControl ANC?

The first RHA TWS headphones were quite successful, especially six months after they went on sale – the price became even more comfortable, and in general, this model can still be safely bought. In some places, the price is now about $64.95.

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As for the new items, the RHA TrueControl ANC now costs about £249.95. All other things being equal, I would go with the AirPods Pro. The RHA product has a strange cup shape, and velvety plastic collects all dust and prints around. There are strange connections. The operation of the noise reduction system is almost invisible. The sound quality is excellent here, but you can buy AirPods Pro for $249. And it’s better to choose an Apple product – even if you’re using an Android device.

In the end, the music is five-plus, but you have to answer the question, are you ready to put up with everything else. RHA could well have given up additional functions and just made good, comfortable headphones with great sound. RHA TrueControl ANC sales will most likely not be very impressive, and managers will come to the same conclusions.

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