Gaming Keyboard With Mouse

The company decided to combine the two devices into one set. Of course, they will cost less in a set than separately.

Good gaming accessories cost a lot, so the questions of “optimization” of the price are quite logical. MSI decided to offer gamers the Vigor GK30 keyboard and the Clutch GM11 mouse – the kit may appear in stores as early as Q2 2020. These are the plans of the manufacturer before the collapse of the ruble and the march of the coronavirus across the planet. We have already received the first test copy of the Combo version and are sharing our impressions. 

MSI Vigor GK30 Combo


Vigor GK30 is a fairly successful entry-level model with spectacular RGB lighting and the ability to customize it.

The keyboard feels like a mechanical keyboard, although the design uses plunger switches, not exactly automatic. Nevertheless, the response is clear enough. The keys are easy and pleasant to operate. Their resource is 3-4 times longer than that of conventional membrane switches (more than 12 million clicks). 

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The device has a place for a digital block, but there are no additional media control keys. These functions are assigned to the F function keys, which, in our opinion, is the right decision. 

The entire keyboard area is divided into 5 different zones. For each of them, you can choose a special backlight (different colors and styles). Thus, it was possible to satisfy all gamers’ categories: those who love dynamics can set themselves illumination in the form of bright flashes, quieter players – pleasant and not straining backlighting. 

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Vigor GK30 is protected from moisture, so spilled tea will not be a disaster for her. The keyboard does not flex even with active gaming due to the presence of additional stops. The only caveat to it – given the keys’ considerable height, I would like to have a wrist rest, like the GK40. 

The  Clutch GM11 mouse in the box looks like an ordinary office “rodent.” This is a typical manipulator for gamers who prefer MMORPG, MOBA, and other games without a huge set of commands. There are 2 regular buttons (left and right), a wheel, a DPI selection button, and two more on the side. 

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Of course, there is a backlight, and you can control it without any utilities, using a combination of keys. For example, the combination of the DPI change button and RMB allows you to change the brightness, the same button with a backlight wheel changes colors. You can customize the illumination in more detail through the Dragon Center software.

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By the way, about DPM. An optical sensor, Pixart, is installed here, providing a resolution of up to 5000 dpi. Resolutions change in steps: 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 5000. Clutch GM11 has a symmetrical design, so it is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed. 

The cost of MSI Vigor GK30 is now $62.94. The Clutch GM11 mouse will cost about $24.99 (prices for mid-March). The kit will cost still unknown, but most likely, it will be a very budget solution, entirely satisfactory in quality. 

MSI Vigor GK30 Combo

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