Orbitkey is one of my favorite lifestyle accessories makers. Unfortunately, the compact key organizer with a bunch of additional modules to choose from did not suit me: the keys were too long. But I use the Desk Mat with pleasure. Ilya Kichaev reviewed this useful accessory – be sure to read: For the price of $109.90, this charger provides a great price option for consumers

Thing of the day: Orbitkey Desk Mat for a laptop (and not only)

The Orbitkey Nest organizer is a top accessory that went on sale about a year ago, but only now reached me. I tell you how it differs from competitors and who suits it.



The frame of the organizer is made of polycarbonate and nylon melange fabric, the top is genuine leather. The materials are resistant to various influences, so you can not be afraid to throw the organizer into your backpack with everyday things.

The rigid frame protects the filling, and the leather insert is simply beautiful and pleasant to the touch. Such a contraption will decorate your desktop and interior.

Available in black and light gray Orbitkey Nest. The light one will become covered with patina over time and become even more interesting, but if you are looking for the most problem-free option, take the black one.

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The inner space is divided into two parts: the lid has pockets for bank and SD cards, passports, as well as a mesh pocket for change. The main compartment is single without any partitions.

The set includes six Velcro dividers for organization. You yourself choose what and where will be, and so that things do not scratch each other at the time of carrying, they can be separated with plastic inserts.

Also included are two Velcro straps. They are not very large, so you won’t be able to pull the wire from the same MacBook. But such things can be ordered without any problems in whole meters on AliExpress. For organization in the workplace – top, I advise everyone.

On the top there is a small notch in which you can put a notebook and secure it all with an elastic band that securely holds the two parts. There is also a place for a pen or stylus. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Another important point: the interior space is 2.8 cm high, which is not enough for voluminous accessories. For example, the 61-watt MacBook Pro adapter does not fit due to the European plug.

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Wireless charging in the lid

Wireless charging sets the Orbitkey Nest apart from other organizers. We put the gadgets and wires inside, closed the lid, plugged in the cable and charge the smartphone or headphones.

The maximum power is 10W, but the iPhone will only get 7.5W – Apple’s limitation. If you only charge your smartphone at night, no problem at all. It will charge anyway. If you are looking for an option for fast charging, then only a wire and a 20W adapter will do, there are no options here.

The only thing is, you need to look for wireless charging directly. The coil is small and very often the phone has to be moved to find it. Be sure to turn off notifications on your smartphone while charging, otherwise any vibration will move the smartphone and you will not see the cherished 100%.

Just this week, my wife and I bought our own apartment, which made us think about selling unnecessary and unused handbags, wires and chargers, and replace everything necessary with multifunctional devices. Orbitkey Nest is just that: everything that is rarely used is hidden under the lid and does not lie on the table, and constantly used headphones, keys and a smartphone are located on the lid. Need to run to work somewhere else? I tugged it with an elastic band, threw it into my backpack and went on business.

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Wireless charging works via USB Type-C. Includes USB Type-C to USB Type-A braided wire. If you have a MacBook, you can use a laptop cable and adapter.



Orbitkey Nest is an atypical organizer. It is not suitable for those who need to hide a bunch of bulky items. He is for the bare essentials. Wireless charging is a great option to ditch individual devices but needs to be monitored.

Orbitkey Nest, other manufacturer products and a bunch of other interesting backpacks, wallets and lifestyle items can be found in the store Bag & Wallet… Thanks to them for sending me this organizer. We have been friends with the guys for a long time, and our readers know that when ordering you need to use the WYLSA promo code – it gives an 8% discount on all products.

For the guys, I filmed a video review of charging – you can support it with a like and a subscription, we will be pleased:


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