Among the variety of Moshi accessories are VersaCover cases for iPad tablets. They have an original design similar to origami puzzles. What are the advantages of such covers and what difficulties you may encounter during use, I will tell you further in the text.

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Sleeve for iPad Pro and iPad Air

The Moshi VersaCover case can be matched to any iPad model. I will tell you about the case that fits the iPad Pro, and you can also use it with the iPad Air – they have the same dimensions, only slightly different thickness. Attentive people will say that the case looks best with the latest generation of iPad Pros. This is due to the cutout for the cameras: the old iPad Pro and the current Air have one camera each, but the fresh Pro has two cameras.

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Case colors vary by iPad model. I got an accessory of my favorite orange color, besides it there is a case in black and beige.

Moshi VersaCover Case

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Materials (edit)

The Moshi VersaCover is distinguished by its light weight and original design. One half of the cover is a transparent plastic “tray”, in which you fix the tablet. So that when using the device, the corners, which are most often hit by falls, do not suffer, all vulnerable places are closed with dense rubberized inserts. Holes for the power button, USB Type-C port and speakers are also provided.

The matte transparent back covers the tablet and protects it. The surface is not slippery, rough, so it is pleasant to hold the iPad in your hands, while it does not get dirty and does not collect prints. A small designer touch – a metal plate engraved with the name of the manufacturer Moshi.

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Moshi VersaCover Case

The second half of the Moshi VersaCover is finished with eco-leather on the outside, and inside it is made of soft microfiber, which protects the surface when closed. Moreover, the lid is slightly wider than the tablet itself: this is done in order to cover the iPad completely in those cases when the Apple Pencil is attached to it with magnets. When the lid is open, it is magnetized to the body from the back side – this is convenient, because nothing dangles and looks neat.

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The feature of the Moshi VersaCover cover is its original design. You can fold the case so that the tablet stands either vertically or horizontally, and at the same time, change the angle of inclination.

At the manufacturer’s site, I would add a more detailed piece of paper to the kit for clarity, because for an unprepared user, folding the cover can turn into a small quest.

However, by typing, as well as with the help of a quick guide pasted into the package, you can understand how to quickly assemble the cover into the desired position. Such a structure of folded parts looks a little strange from the outside, but the art of origami is a delicate matter, so treat it with respect. At least cases of this format have existed for more than eight years – and this is a very decent period.

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If you wish, you can stick the tablet directly in the case on the refrigerator, washing machine, or any other metal surface. However, even without a case, the iPad copes with this task.

Price of the Moshi VersaCover

Moshi VersaCover is sold for $69.95. For comparison, the Smart Folio cover for iPad Pro 11 sells for $79.00.

Moshi VersaCover

Impressions of the Moshi VersaCover

After I walked around with the case for a week, I can say that you can get used to an unusual design at first glance, a matter of desire and curiosity. In my opinion, the standard Smart Folio for iPad is more convenient, albeit more expensive. But this is already a matter of taste and personal preference.

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