Amazfit Bip has many wearable electronics, so I decided to compare several similar models of the same class and tell you what the differences are. Illustration: Svetlana Chuvileva / Wylsacom Media

There are more and more wearable gadgets, and new classes of devices are also emerging: between simple fitness trackers and smartwatches, there is room for other equipment. Thanks to this, the entry-level smartwatch class is developing. On the one hand, they are not so expensive, but on the other, they are still more advanced than bracelets with small screens.

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Visually, Amazfit Bip S and Bip U are very similar, but the differences can still be found if you look closely. The Amazfit Bip U has a slightly less elongated body – this is noticeable when both watch models lie next to the switched-on screens.

The watch cases are made of polycarbonate, and on the right side, there is a physical button. The wheel can “wake up” the clock, go back one step in the menu, and a long hold starts the application. Which one – you can choose yourself in the settings.

Watches are not only in classic black color. There are several options.

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Amazfit Bip S: black, pink, white, and orange.

Amazfit Bip U: black, pink, and green.

The silicone straps are replaceable and can be changed to suit your mood or color. The mount is standard, so there will be no difficulty in finding suitable accessories.

Moisture protection

The watch has an identical level of protection against moisture. This is 5 ATM. In simple words: splashes, rain, swimming without deep diving is not a problem for them.


Displays differ slightly in size, but the fundamental difference is in screen technology. If the Amazfit Bip S watch has a transflective TFT screen under the third generation Gorilla Glass with a diagonal of 1.28 inches and a resolution of 176 × 176 pixels, then the Amazfit Bip U has a conventional TFT screen with a 1.43-inch diagonal and a resolution of 320 × 302 points.

mazfit Bip U – on the left, Amazfit Bip S – on the right.

The good thing about a transflective screen is that it consumes energy very modestly: the backlight works at night, and during the day, it simply reflects the light. But this screen is not as colorful and bright as the more familiar screens. Therefore, the feeling depends on the lighting, and Amazfit offers a watch with different displays. Some need a prettier picture, while others vote for functionality.


The watch works in tandem with devices on iOS and Android and connects via Bluetooth 5.0, notifying new messages and calls. You cannot talk on the clock, they do not have a microphone and a speaker, but you can reject a call or send a message that you are busy or another template answer.

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Amazfit Bip U – on the left, Amazfit Bip S – on the right.

The Amazfit Bip S has 10 workout modes and two customizable watch faces, and over 40 ready-made watch skins can be downloaded via the phone app. The clock shows the weather forecast. You can switch tracks on your phone. Simultaneously, the Amazfit Bip S watch has both a compass and a GPS, which the Bip U does not have (but the Pro version does). But Amazfit Bip U already offers more than 60 types of workouts, and for productive work, there is a built-in Pomodoro tracker.

Both devices count steps, measure heart rate, distance traveled, keep track of calorie consumption, display notifications if you sit still for a long time, and show the weather and work as a remote control to control music.

Among the important additions to Amazfit Bip U, it is necessary to highlight the level of stress and measurements of the level of oxygen in the blood.


In terms of battery capacity, Amazfit Bip S is inferior to its fellow Amazfit Bip U: 200 mAh versus 230 mAh. However, due to a very economical screen, they work for about 15 days, and with an economical mode up to 40 days, the Amazfit Bip U has an operating time of about 9 days.

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Amazfit Bip U – on the left, Amazfit Bip S – on the right.

The watch is charged through magnetic chargers, mounts of different types, so the cable for Amazfit Bip S to Bip U does not fit.

What is the difference between Amazfit Bip U Pro?

The watch has the same design, dimensions, and screen as the Amazfit Bip U.

Of the fundamental differences between the Pro version, it is necessary to highlight the built-in GPS and GLONASS, which the Amazfit Bip U does not have. Therefore, you do not need a phone to train outdoors. The watch will autonomously build a map of a run or a bike ride.

Also, the Amazfit Bip U Pro has an electronic compass and microphone. You cannot answer calls using the microphone, but you can control the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

For convenience, I collected the data in a comparative table:

 Amazfit Bip SAmazfit Bip UAmazfit Bip U Pro
ScreenTransflective color TFT display, function, Always-On Display, 1.28 inches, 176 × 176Color IPS display, 3D tempered glass Corning Gorilla 3 + oleophobic coating, 1.43 inches, 320 × 302Color IPS display, 3D tempered glass Corning Gorilla 3 + oleophobic coating, 1.43 inches, 320 × 302
Sports Modes17Over 60Over 60
IOS and Android supportYESYESYES
Sleep monitoringYESYESYES
Heart rate monitorYESYESYES
Stress levelNoYESYES
Blood oxygen levelNoYESYES
Music controlYESYESYES
Battery200 mAh230 mAh230 mAh
Moisture protection5 ATM5 ATM5 ATM
Dimensions, mm35.3 x 42 x 11.435.5 x 40.9 x 11.435.5 x 40.9 x 11.4
ColorsBlack, pink, white, orangeGreen, black, pinkGreen, black, pink
Weight, grams313131

Conclusion: Amazfit Bip S, Bip U, and Bip U Pro

Amazfit Bip S – the most versatile option, where everything you need is available, while the watch works for a very long time and is suitable for those looking for a balance between price and features.

Price: $59.99

Amazfit Bip U – a more advanced option, where the bet is made on a colorful display, but at the same time, the watch does not have a GPS because not everyone needs training on the street with accurate maps.

Price: $49.99

Amazfit Bip U Pro – for those athletes who need accurate performance on the track and for training without a phone in their pocket, GPS support is required.

Price: $59.99

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