There are no perfect smartphones, but there are successful models. Samsung launched the optimally balanced Galaxy A52 last year, and now it is being replaced by the Galaxy A53. This happens to be one of our favorite phones we’ve written about since the Samsung Galaxy A02 Review. Is it a twin clone with a new index or is it an improved model? We reflect on this in our review.

As usual, I would like to thank our friends from big geek for the sample provided for testing.

Galaxy A53: Familiar Appearance

Last year’s A-series consisted of several models, including the Galaxy A52. Samsung didn’t get too smart, so the Galaxy A53 looks exactly like its predecessor.

The case is still the same plastic: a glossy frame runs along the sides, and the back side is matte and not easily soiled. The smartphone has a flat screen without a noticeable curve at the edges, and the camera block still protrudes slightly above the surface.

The assembly is excellent, the appearance is recognizable, the materials are good, but not the most expensive. But you don’t have to worry about the endurance of plastic, it will not break when it falls. Everything is concise and to the point.

Samsung Galaxy A53


It remains only to add that in addition to white, three other colors are provided: neutral black, delicate blue and orange. Although the latter is actually more like pink.

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Everyday Feelings

The smartphone is moderately weighty, it is not the lightest in its class, but not deadly heavy either. The new Samsung Galaxy A53 weighs less than 200 grams, while it has a 10% increase in battery capacity compared to the Galaxy A52, and the body has even become a little thinner.

The case is not slippery, it is convenient to use the smartphone even without a case. Everyone has their own topic of comfort, since it all depends on the habit, the size of the fingers and palms. There is no need to talk about comfortable control with one hand, but in general, everything is in order with ergonomics: the edges do not dig into the palm, there are no marks on the case, the assembly is tight.

I liked that the protruding block with cameras is made in such a way that dust does not accumulate around it, as is often the case with analogues.

According to my feelings, the under-screen fingerprint scanner began to work better. It responds faster and there are no errors when unlocking the device. In the Galaxy A52, it worked less stable – at least at the time when I tested it.

I want to mention the protection against dust and moisture at the IP67 level, which is not found in every middle school student. It is present in the Galaxy A53.

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Illustration: Svetlana Chuvilyova / Wylsacom Media

And now 120 Hz

The physical dimensions of the screen are the same as those of the Galaxy A52: a diagonal of 6.5 inches, a resolution of 1080 × 2400 pixels, but the refresh rate was increased to 120 Hz versus 90 Hz in the previous generation. Smooth navigation through the menu is definitely pleasing, and in general a nice feature for the middle class. If you wish, to save batteries, you can select the 60 Hz mode in the settings, but there is no mixed, adaptive mode.

Samsung Galaxy A53


The Super AMOLED screen has excellent black color and contrast, the brightness margin is enough for a sunny day – everything is readable on the street, after all, 800 nits is enough for any conditions.

I didn’t scratch the screen on purpose, so I can’t say how hardy it is, but after a week of using the smartphone, there were no noticeable flaws on the protective glass.

You can still use two factory presets: one with calm natural colors and the other with a rich picture. In the latter case, you can still choose warm or cold colors.

Traditionally, the Always On mode works with a configurable work interval and useful auxiliary notifications.

Better Than The Galaxy A02?

The new smartphone has a new 5nm processor, the Galaxy A53 has an Exynos 1280 chipset. You can choose between two versions: 6/128 or 8/256 GB, both with support for a memory card. Questions sometimes arise about the speed of the interface: sometimes Google Play freezes, sometimes there are minor delays when moving through the menu. Not perfect, but if you close your eyes to the shortcomings, then you can forgive.

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Here things are not the best with games: PUBG comes with low graphics settings, reminding that this is still not an advanced representative of the middle class.

Samsung has big plans for device support: new firmware is promised within four years, and security patches for five years. How things will be in practice, time will tell, but in general, the forecast is encouraging.

Galaxy A53 Camera

The camera system has moved from the Galaxy A52 unchanged. In total, taking into account the front camera, we get five modules for all occasions. Although, as I see it, the main 64-megapixel module will become the most beloved: it is universal and stable in terms of quality. Moreover, in the middle class, smartphones with optical stabilization are rare – fortunately, the Galaxy A53 is one of them. During the day, bright and juicy photos are obtained: they look more beautiful, lovers of bright colors will like this approach.

Samsung Galaxy A53


A few examples. The picture was taken indoors with fairly bright light:

Checking the night mode in our barely lit hallway:

On the street in good weather, the pictures are just great:

Samsung Galaxy A53



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