Google Fit is an app that lets you keep track of your activity and health. It uses the smartphone’s built-in sensors to track the number of steps taken or run distance and can also sync with third-party services to receive data from various fitness gadgets. Soon, Google Fit will also use a smartphone camera to measure your heart rate and breathing rate.

To measure the breathing rate, you will need to place your upper body in the field of view of the front camera of your smartphone and breathe calmly. The app will detect small movements of your chest. To measure the heart rate, it will be enough to put your finger on the lens of the device’s main camera on the back panel. In this case, the app will track the color changes in your fingers to assess blood flow.

Of course, these measurement methods are not intended for medical diagnostics, but they can be useful for Google Fit users to track their daily well-being. Measurement results can be saved in the app to track trends over time.

The first innovations will be received by Pixel smartphone owners starting next month. Google plans to roll out the update to other Android devices later.

Sources: Google, Android Police, 9to5google

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