Against the backdrop of a shortage of gaming video cards and significantly inflated prices resulting from another mining boom, ZOTAC decided to advertise a mining farm consisting of its video cards.

A post with a photo of a mining farm has appeared on the ZOTAC_USA Twitter microblogging service. It includes 8 ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Edge graphics cards.

ZOTAC has advertised a mining farm consisting of its graphics cards, tagging it with the hashtag #PcGaming

The company used the hashtag #PcGaming in this post, although this setting has nothing to do with the launch of games. Based on this publication, we can conclude that ZOTAC does not intend to fight mining and supports mining on its products, which only increases the deficit. And this is happening at a time when ZOTAC graphics cards (as well as other brands) are almost impossible to buy at the recommended prices.

We add, soon after the publication of this photo, the company removed it from the social network Twitter. But users managed to take a screenshot.

A source: videocardz

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