Wearable electronics range from simple fitness trackers to expensive smartwatches. Renowned manufacturer Huami has its own premium wearable electronics brand, Zepp. The Zepp E Circle and Zepp E Square watches of the eponymous Zepp brand are on sale.

They have almost identical characteristics, but they differ in appearance. The Square model looks like a rectangle with smoothed corners, and the Circle is round, as you might guess from the name of the watch. We were the first to get hold of a Zepp E Square watch for testing, and I would like to give a little historical information right away. At the end of August 2020, the Amazfit smartwatch app became Zepp.

Zepp E smartwatch review: Small, light, neat

Minimalistically designed watches are a godsend for those who love moderately simple, but at the same time well-assembled things. The watch has a steel case, and the inside is complemented by a glass insert, under which you can see a set of sensors. The watch is very thin and looks neat on the hand, it is well felt, there is no feeling of excessive “lightness”. In the office under a shirt – the very thing if you prefer a compact watch.

For all its diminutiveness, Zepp E is ready for water tests: it is protected from dust and moisture, you can swim with a watch on your wrist, it will withstand a pressure of 5 ATM.

The strap, as usual, is replaceable, it is elastic and flexible, it feels nice on the hand. It can be replaced with any other 20mm strap if needed.

I have not seen the “round” Zepp E Circle live, but judging by the photos on the Internet, they are very cute. At the same time, the rectangular Zepp E Square looks reminiscent of the Apple Watch, and the watch app supports both Android and iOS.

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Zepp E smartwatch review: Juicy screen

The display has curved edges and is perfectly readable in any light, the picture is clear, the image is of high quality. Impressions from the AMOLED screen with a 1.65-inch diagonal are pleasant: bright, well-readable fonts, on the street under the sun all the data was perfectly visible.

You can change the “skins” of the dials using the application with ready-made screen design options.

Zepp E smartwatch review: Simple controls

In addition to the touch screen required to navigate the menu, the watch also received a single physical key. It is located on the right side of the body, the move is average, it works accurately, and given its large size, it is simply impossible to miss. The button turns off the power, launches the application menu, and also helps you return to the home screen. You can also assign a frequently used function to a long key hold, by default it starts the training mode.

A swipe from top to bottom opens a menu with shortcuts, and if you slide your finger from the bottom up, we get to the notification menu. True, you can only read messages from here, but you will not be able to answer. Scrolling through the screens left and right from the desktop, you can switch between panels with widgets.

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Zepp E smartwatch review: Smart functions

To begin with, the watch runs under its own operating system – accordingly, the list of applications used is limited by what the manufacturer offers. There are no questions about the speed of work and reaction to actions to Zepp E: the watch briskly responds to commands without a hint of delays.

In the PAI section (Personal Activity Intelligence – ed.), You can monitor your activity level. Ideally, keep the value above 100 points. If it is lower, then sorry, but you are lazy.

The watch uses heart rate data for various loads, age and weight, and then displays the number. This is the activity level calculated based on the data from the last week of watch usage.

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The watch monitors the heart rate, distinguishing six types of zones: this is convenient for training, when it is easier to understand whether it is worth slowing down or, conversely, increasing speed.

The watch also shows the oxygen level in the blood, this function is called Sp02.

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You can also use the Zepp E watch in training by activating sports modes, there are only 11 types of them. During the lesson, the clock shows the pace and time, calorie consumption and heart rate, and then all the data can be organized on graphs in the application. However, be aware that when jogging or cycling, the GPS of the phone the watch is paired with is used to create the map, as Zepp E lacks GPS.

In addition to all sorts of data about physical activity, the watch works as a remote control to control music, switching tracks on the phone. At the same time, they will show the weather forecast, and the alarm clock will help you wake up on time.

The watch also has a sleep tracking function, when in the morning it shows you how you slept, highlight phases and compare the results with those previously obtained. It is difficult to follow the watch’s recommendations for improving the quality of sleep: for example, they persistently advise to go to bed early, but what if there is no way to fall asleep at 21:00?

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There is no chip for contactless payments, no NFC.

Zepp E smartwatch review: Working hours

As usual, a cable with a specific connector is used to charge the watch: take care of it and do not lose it. On magnetic charging, the watch is perfectly fixed, it is very tight. It takes an hour and a half to fully charge – not that fast for a watch with an 188 mAh battery.

Good battery life is another of the watch’s strengths. On a single charge, they will calmly live for about three to four days, without having to turn off the “extra” functions. My heart rate sensor worked, the watch counted steps, notifies me of new notifications, suggested moving around when I sat for a long time, and at the same time showed the level of stress. The manufacturer claims a week of operation on a single charge, this is not so difficult to achieve: just turn off the Always-On mode, when information is constantly visible on the watch screen. After the functions are turned off, the operating time almost doubles: I got a week of battery life without recharging.

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If you start the economy mode, when the clock only shows the time, and other options are deactivated, then they will work twice as long. Although why then do we need a smart watch without useful functions?

Conclusion: Should you buy Zepp E?

Zepp E can be ordered at the official Zepp store.

The stylish Zepp E watch tracks activity, motivates you to move more, regularly encouraging you not to sit still. At the same time, they are compact, they work for a long time for such a miniature device, and replaceable straps are easy to find using a standard mount.

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