In the world of wireless chargers, over the past year, according to my observations, there have been many pleasant changes: working analogs of AirPower have appeared and many beautiful devices that complement the interior. And at the end of the year, ZENS was pleased with the modular system.

ZENS Modular Wireless Charging Review: How does it work?

Everything is terribly simple: you can attach additional units to one unit, they are sold separately. You can create a “locomotive” of the necessary charges: the main part for charging a smartphone and headphones, a module for Apple Watch, and a module with a USB Type-A connector for charging all kinds of accessories.

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As the main module, which will be connected to the network and power additional elements, you can choose a dual charger, single or stand. The latter can be used to charge your smartphone, and as a phone stands on your desktop.

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Additional modules can be single wireless chargers, a watch platform, or just a module with USB Type-A – this is a watch dock without the adapter itself. In total, you can add four additional modules to the main one.

ZENS Modular Wireless Charging Review

Please note that you cannot connect two main modules. It will not work to assemble a charging station from two stands – additional blocks are needed.

ZENS Modular Wireless Charging Review: What modules are available?

There are five modules in total:

  • Dual wireless charger – 100 euros;
  • Basic single wireless charger – 60 euros;
  • Additional single wireless charger – 40 euros;
  • Stand – 70 euros;
  • Charging for Apple Watch – 50 euro;

All modules are made of recycled black plastic with gray splashes. There are lines on the top that complement the design. Of course, such a station will not fit into every interior, but ZENS Modular looks unremarkable in a good way.

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The main modules support 15W, 10W, and 7.5W in the case of the iPhone. Additional – up to 10 watts. The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty for each module.

Any additional module can be used separately from the main one: A USB Type-C connector is provided on the case. However, if the additional module is connected to the main one, then the port is inactive, so it will not be possible to charge something over the wire.

ZENS Modular Wireless Charging Review

ZENS Modular Wireless Charging Review: What about the quality?

I have questions: the main module is wobbling, although there are rubberized legs. Also, in complete silence – for example, you can hear the power supply’s operation at night. And this is the problem with all ZENS adapters: I tested several combos charging stations last year, and the ZENS station made a consistent sound.

ZENS Modular Wireless Charging Review

It seems that such charging is a great option for a couple: they placed two phones on the main module, each bought either a module for a watch or another wireless charger for headphones. Everything is charged in one place and powered by one unit, and, as we know, there are not many sockets.

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What do you think about such a system?

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