YouTube users complain about the increase in the number of ads - up to 10 ads without the ability to skip

Watching videos on YouTube is accompanied by ads, the proceeds of which help keep the platform running and incentivize content creators.

As a rule, ads are shown before the beginning and at the end of the video, and for videos longer than 8 minutes, there may be ad breaks in the video itself. Typically, these ads are a few seconds long, with longer ads being skipped a few seconds after they start showing. Typically, an ad break may contain one or two advertisements. But in recent years, the number of ads on YouTube has increased markedly.

Over the past two months, an increasing number of users have noted an increase in the number of advertisements in the video. This is evidenced by multiple discussion threads on Reddit. Thus, commercial breaks can occur every few minutes, and the number and duration of ads in such breaks have increased. This is especially noticeable for non-skippable ad formats. In some cases, 10 ads are shown in a row without skipping. Much more common are 5 ads in one ad break. It doesn’t seem to happen to all videos, or even to all viewers. But lately, such longer commercial breaks are becoming more and more common. Perhaps the YouTube administration is conducting an experiment and testing various options for displaying ads.

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The number of ads on YouTube is increasing - up to 10 non-skippable ads in one ad break

The good news is that these series of non-skippable ads consist of short clips of 5 or 6 seconds. So even a 10-ad break lasts no more than a minute. If you don’t want to watch ads on YouTube at all, perhaps you should subscribe to a Premium subscription.

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