Xiaomi, in a Q&A session on 200W HyperCharge ultra-fast charging technology, told how much it affects the longevity of the battery.

HyperCharge charges your smartphone in just 8 minutes

At the end of May, Xiaomi, using the example of a modified version of Mi 11 Pro with a 4000 mAh battery, demonstrated the capabilities of the new HyperCharge technology with a capacity of up to 200 W – a full charge took only 8 minutes, and 50% was restored in 3 minutes.

According to Xiaomi, battery degradation using 200W HyperCharge super-fast charging after 800 cycles will be in the order of 20%. These 800 cycles represent more than two years of active use if the battery is fully charged every day. Stretching the time between charges will increase the lifespan.

That is, if you take, for example, the top-end Mi 11 Ultra, then after 800 recharges, 4000 mAh will remain from the original 5000 mAh.

100% in 8 minutes: Xiaomi showed 200W wired charging

Xiaomi ultra-fast charging 200 W

Xiaomi claims that the Chinese regulator requires at least 60% of the original capacity to be retained after 400 cycles – well below the manufacturer’s target.

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And one more interesting fact of life – no matter how slowly you charge the battery, it will still fail after 800 cycles. The fact is that heat is the main enemy that most strongly affects the acceleration of battery wear. And it doesn’t really matter whether you use a 5 W charger for 5 hours or a 200 W charger for 10 minutes. The main thing here is heat loads. In other words, with sufficient cooling efficiency, fast charging “kills” the battery no faster than slow charging.

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