At the turn of 2019 and 2020, Xiaomi brought its flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro. It differs from the regular version by the presence of an additional lens, which slightly improves photos’ quality. Nevertheless, in terms of characteristics, this is a flagship that will last more than one year. At the same time, it is sold at a very “tasty” price and will appeal to those who want a powerful smartphone but are not ready to overpay for a premium. Let’s take a closer look at the Mi Note 10 Pro.

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Packaging: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

As is the case with Xiaomi smartphones, the box contains a complete set. Here we have the phone itself, a charging adapter, and a USB-C cable. And, of course, there is a silicone case. It will make this smartphone thicker, but it certainly won’t slip out of your hands at the most inopportune moment.

What I missed were the headphones. It is clear that now everyone is switching to wireless models and the presence of conventional headphones in the kit is no longer so important. Nevertheless, the 3.5mm port was left here so that some simple models could be thrown into the box.

Appearance: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

It must be said that Mi Note 10 Pro is the international version of the Chinese smartphone Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition. This phone scored excellent DXOMark scores and was only ahead of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Nevertheless, the gadget has been waiting for a long time, and it met expectations.

The smartphone looks pretty premium. There are three color options for the case. In addition to the white version, which we had on the test, there are also black and green versions. The back panel shimmers when tilted. Some people like it, some don’t. I am personally a fan of the matte surface, so I don’t really like the Mi Note 10 Pro here, but it’s a matter of taste.

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There are no peculiarities in appearance, except for a vertical block of 5 cameras. If you’ve ever seen Xiaomi smartphones (or any other brand in 2019-2020), the design will be very familiar to you.

These are 2.5D glass with rounded sides, a teardrop-shaped notch in the center of the screen, standard connectors, and a metal edging. Manufacturers seem to have already stopped competing with each other in appearance and focused on cameras.

Below the smartphone is a USB-C port, a speaker, a 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the side, there is only a slot for two SIM-cards, power and volume buttons. Because the smartphone is large, it also weighs a lot, 208 grams. I love this size and weight because I lose thin and light phones in my pocket and constantly worry about them. And it’s more pleasant to hold a weighty phone in your hand. But lovers of almost weightless gadgets may not like this.

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The only thing that upsets me about this smartphone is the lack of moisture protection. In 2020, all flagships already have IP68 dust and water protection, be it the iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy S20. But for some reason, Xiaomi did not make it, perhaps to reduce the device’s cost. A trifle, but insulting.

Technical features: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

As we said, the Mi Note 10 Pro is the flagship of this year and has a corresponding filling. Of course, the display of the smartphone is AMOLED and quite large, 6.47 ″ with a resolution of 2340×1080. The aspect ratio is standard – 19.5: 9. Smartphones with a 21: 9 ratio have not yet taken root very well, although all films are already shot in this format. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is standard. The bezels’ width around the screen is small, only 2mm from the side, 3mm from the top, and 4mm from the bottom.

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The smartphone runs on an 8-core system based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chip. The GPU Adreno 618 is used as a graphics module. The processor, of course, is not the top-end because Qualcomm has the 800th line. But this chip is also different from the average 600th. The choice of the 730G can be called a compromise. On the one hand, we got a reduced power consumption and price, and on the other hand, the user is unlikely to notice the difference in performance even in games. It must be remembered that Xiaomi is always a competition, how to make it cheaper, but not lose quality. With varying degrees of success, but they succeed.

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The Mi Note 10 Pro has 8 GB of RAM, while there is 256 GB for storing files and applications. A non-standard solution, but this smartphone does not have a MicroSD slot, so you can only expand the memory with an external flash drive via OTG.

Of course, of the modules for communication, there are 4G, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 5.0 LE with low energy consumption. Finally, NFC has appeared and has already become the standard for Xiaomi gadgets – the infrared port.

The battery here is pretty healthy at 5260mAh, and there is also support for fast 30W charging. However, taking into account the large screen, I personally have enough charge for a maximum of 1.5 days. This is not bad, but not the largest indicator on the market.

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Cameras: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

Undoubtedly, the camera in the Mi Note 10 Pro is exactly what makes this smartphone worth choosing. I can only point out one drawback of cameras before we move on to the merits. The camera module sticks out pretty much from the body. If you carry the phone without a case, then the smartphone already sways if you put it with the screen up on the table. Plus, the metal edge is pretty sharp, and when you accidentally bump the camera with your finger, it’s very frustrating. But everything is solved by the cover that is included.

Let’s move on to the benefits. The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro is the first smartphone from the company to feature a 108MP camera that the Chinese company has developed with Samsung. The same module is in the Galaxy S20, except that this phone came out a little later. First, let’s see what modules are in the 5-camera unit of Mi Note 10 Pro:

  • Wide-angle – 108 MP, f / 1.7, 1 / 1.33 ″, PDAF, laser autofocus, OIS
  • Telephoto – 12 MP, f / 2.0, 1 / 2.55 ″, Dual Pixel PDAF, laser autofocus, optical zoom × 2.
  • Telephoto – 5 MP, f / 2.0, PDAF, laser autofocus, OIS, optical zoom × 5
  • Ultra wide – 20 MP, f / 2.2, 1 / 2.8 ″, laser autofocus
  • Macro – 2 MP, f / 2.4, 1 / 5.0 ″
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As you can see, the set is very diverse. This number of cameras allows the smartphone to take good shots in almost any condition, from macro photography and moon photography to beautiful landscape photos or portraits.

The main module here is a wide-angle 108-megapixel lens. This lens has as many as 8 lenses. True, the camera shoots with a resolution of 27 megapixels, combining the picture, but you can switch to the maximum resolution mode. The main thing is not to forget.

Sample photos Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

In the case of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro camera, it’s easier to see how it shoots once than to read it several times. This is how landscape photos look like.

Night photos are also excellent on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro. The camera captures very well both the texture and all highlighted areas. The architecture is especially great to shoot with this smartphone.

Conclusion: Should you buy Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro?

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro smartphone is a good flagship gadget of early 2020. This is not to say that there are absolutely no shortcomings in it, but the advantages clearly outweigh. Mi Note 10 Pro now costs about $600. You get a powerful phone with a big screen and great cameras for this year for the money. You can find fault with the lack of moisture protection and a slot for a microSD memory card, but is it necessary? In my opinion, this is an excellent choice for its money, competitors already cost from $600, and such a difference can be decisive.

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