I regularly take Redmi smartphones for tests, but somehow it doesn’t work out with Xiaomi. The top Mi 11 was somewhere lying around with colleagues, so as soon as the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite appeared, I took it for myself to study. Firstly, the smartphone impressed me with its size: as thin as a cardphone phone from the early 2000s. Secondly, it was interesting to see how the “middle-class” Xiaomi turns out against the background of competitors.

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For example, I liked the new line of Samsung Galaxy A52/A72, the Vivo V20 was pleasant, and the new OPPO Reno 5 Lite also came outright. How will Xiaomi respond to competitors? 

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite is Slim, Light, and Good

The phone looks great and feels good in the hand. Whether or not to put on a cover is up to you. I remember the thin body and very lightweight. For a smartphone with a large screen, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite turned out to be elegant. It is clear that it is not small – well, they do not already produce compact and tiny devices, but the smartphone stands out against the general background due to the moderate thickness.

I want to get a frame made of aluminum, but a glossy plastic edging runs along the perimeter of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite case. But the front and back surfaces are covered with glass, and there is a factory protective film on the screen. True, Xiaomi does not say what kind of glass it is, and it feels more like plastic, but I will not dare to reproach the manufacturer for foul play.

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The matte back is slippery, I used the phone without fear, but if you are not used to such materials, you have to be careful. Walking with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite was pleasant: it does not press in the side pocket of your jeans. I cannot call the smartphone small – rather, the word “balanced” is appropriate about its size.

The design of the rear is extremely minimalistic: the cameras are located on a two-stage podium, all this reminds of the more expensive Xiaomi Mi 11. The matte surface gets dirty without much effort, so a cloth to clean the case does not hurt. During the two weeks of testing the phone, no scratches or any other traces of use appeared on the “back.”

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On the right side, there are a couple of buttons: the higher controls the volume. The second, located below, is responsible for turning on and off, and a fingerprint scanner is also built into it. He is fast and responsive. There are no questions about his work.

Problem display

The screen is is expectedly large: 6.55-inch diagonal, it is OLED with support for 90 Hz and Gorilla Glass 5. The notorious 90 Hz does not work in all applications, but this is not news, just a fact. It’s nice that the frames are of uniform thickness, and there is no “chin,” for which earlier it was often necessary to criticize middle-class smartphones.

A factory protective film is glued on top of the flat screen: it scratches quickly, and the sensations are not the same due to the lack of an oleophobic coating. If you take it off, you can feel a pleasant oleophobic coating. But in this case, we lose additional protection against scratches.

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However, against the background of the first pleasant impressions from the screen, much less rosy emotions appeared. Firstly, flickering is very felt at both low and high brightness. I cannot say that I am susceptible to PWM. This is very individual, but using the Mi 11 Lite was uncomfortable.

Secondly, the phone produced strange artifacts when the black color changed to white. These contrasting transitions were disappointing. The problem does not always pop up, but in low light conditions – in other words, when you look at the screen in the dark. For clarity, here’s an example with black areas in the image:

The front camera lens is located in the left corner – no cutouts. Let’s move on. The display has a sufficient margin of brightness; everything is clearly visible under the sun. In the dark, it also does not hit the retina. The default colors are moderately juicy. There is no feeling that you are watching a children’s colorful cartoon. In this case, you can change the color palette in the settings if the basic version does not fit.

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No problem with Speed

The stuffing is decent: Snapdragon 732G processor, enough memory too. 6 GB RAM, built-in 128 GB, the phone works quickly, the software does not lag, UBG runs stably, the hard throttling test the phone also passes easily and without difficulty, and even if you run it three or four times in a row, there is no serious drop in performance.

For thin devices, high temperatures under load are common. Mi 11 Lite is no exception: if you play on it for half an hour or an hour, the body becomes directly hot. But we only talk about stress tests or games, and nothing like this was noticed during normal use. Therefore, if you are not a gamer but call, launch banking applications or cards, correspond in social networks, you will not notice overheating.

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Connectivity at its Best

You can put two SIM cards in the phone at once, but if you want to add a memory card, then the second SIM will have to be removed. Inconvenient.

Thanks to stereo speakers, watching videos on Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite is comfortable: there is always a volume margin. For a room, it is even excessive. At the same time, I do not advise you to twist it at full power. Since distortions are inevitable, it is comfortable to use at the level of 70-80%. I noticed that the upper speaker is quieter than the lower one. Of course, I would like the volume to be “synchronous.”

The IrDA located on the top end is not so often found in the phones of 2021. The thing, maybe not the most necessary, but it can come in handy on the farm if you want to turn the phone into a control panel for equipment.

Alas, the vibration feedback is still rough – after my unpretentious Google Pixel 4a, the sensations are not so pleasant when using the phone.

There were no questions about the Bluetooth operation. The smartphone kept the connection with the headphones well, but for some reason, Wi-Fi turned out to be not very long-range, and the speed dropped decently far from the access point.

NFC-module for purchases is present.

One Day Battery

With a 4250 mAh battery, the smartphone can withstand a day of use. I won’t write down Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite in long-lived devices, but I don’t have to worry about autonomy either. On average, it gives out about five hours of active screen. The result, according to my standards, is normal. Moreover, we are talking about a thin smartphone with not the largest battery.

Camera for Tick

As for the cameras, we have a fairly standard layout here: the main one is 64 megapixels, the ultra-wide-angle one is 8 megapixels, and the macro is 5 megapixels.

Let’s start with a macro module. Here’s an example shot in bright artificial light. Macro mode is started manually through the camera settings. You can photograph small details with tolerable quality:

The ultra-wide-angle module is the most common. Smears on the edges, indistinct, dark. In low light, you can use the night mode, it gets a little better, but you can take a perfect shot only in the clear sun. I shot in cloudy weather, and it turned out just mediocre:

Now about the main camera. By default, the model is configured not 64 but 16 megapixels, but you can switch to the maximum quality manually, if necessary. In terms of quality, the phone was rather upset than pleased: there is not enough sharpness, details, there are errors with color rendition and autofocus operation. Xiaomi fans will immediately say that they will fix everything with firmware, but … But it’s still not Redmi 9 for 10 thousand rubles – I want everything to be good right away.

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We go out into the street. Gray, gloomy, as if November, not April:

There is no optical zoom in the smartphone, so don’t be surprised that the Mi 11 Lite has a 2 × button in the camera. This is a lossy digital zoom.

Photo indoors, light from the windows on the right, natural and bright lighting. But again, soap and no quality:

I will also show you how the night mode works. Photos without him:

And here with the night one:

In general, the camera is mediocre, and the photo part did not inspire. As for video recording, the situation is this: the phone writes videos in 4K and 30 fps.

What’s in the box?

The smartphone is equipped with everything you need and even more: I will start with 33W fast charging. Also, in the box, you can find a USB Type-C cable and an adapter for connecting wired headphones via a 3.5 mm jack. By tradition, we get a simple silicone case.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Price

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite comes in different memory sizes. I had a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite with 8/128 GB of memory, which costs about $399.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite: My First Impression

If you approach the issue of choosing a new phone on principle, “I want a beautiful, thin so that everything is with him,” then Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite will like it. If we evaluate it as a simplified version of the flagship, then from the top one, here is perhaps the name.

Otherwise, it is a very ordinary device in terms of filling and its capabilities, which will find it difficult to compete with classmates. The camera is so-so, with a problem with the screen, it’s good that the processor pulls out all this, and the situation with the battery is also normal.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite: Complete Specifications

  • OS: MIUI 12, Android 11;
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G;
  • Screen: AMOLED, 6.55 inches, 2400 × 1080, 402 PPI, Gorilla Glass 5, HDR 10, 90 Hz;
  • Memory: 6 or 8 GB of RAM, 64 or 128 GB of built-in, slot for microSD;
  • Cameras: main 64 MP, 26 mm (f / 1.8); ultra wide-angle 8 MP, 119 ° (f / 2.2); macro 5 MP (f / 2.4); front 16 MP, 25 mm (f / 2.5);
  • Sound: stereo speakers;
  • Communication: Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, USB Type-C 2.0;
  • Battery: 4250 mAh, fast charging 33 W;
  • Dimensions: 160.5 x 75.7 x 6.8mm;
  • Weight: 157 g.

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