The recently released product Windows 11 is already encountering update issues. Windows 11 just celebrated its first Tuesday of patching, with Microsoft releasing patches to fix issues on the second Tuesday of every month. This time around, many expected the patch to include a fix for an issue in Windows 11 that was affecting gaming performance in AMD processors by 15%. However, the problem has not been fixed, and the situation may have become even more dire.

TechPowerUp reports that the October 12 update nearly doubled the Ryzen 7 2700X’s L3 cache latency. It is the lowest-level processor cache and stores data coming from RAM before being passed to higher levels. According to AMD, increased latency can cause frame rates to drop by up to 15%, especially in esports games.

Windows 11 first update significantly slows down system performance (Primary 1 4)

In terms of specific details, TechPowerUp claims L3 cache latency ranged from 17 nanoseconds on Windows 11 to 31.9 ns after the patch. The first result is already well above the 10 ns cache latency that the chip should have, making the jump with a recent Windows update even more serious.

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The good news is that a fix is ​​just around the corner. On Reddit, user u / destiny2sk shared an image showing the release dates of patches that fix problems with Windows 11 and AMD processors. According to the post, Microsoft will release a fix for the cache lag issue on October 19, and AMD will release a fix for a separate Windows 11 issue on October 21.

We were unable to locate the original post, so these dates may not be accurate. However, AMD has confirmed that both issues will be resolved in October.

Windows 11 first update significantly degrades system performance (Windows 11 preview unsupported PCs)

Getting started with Windows 11 wasn’t easy. The operating system caused a lot of controversy when it was announced due to its strict processor and TPM requirements. Now that it has arrived, we hear about all sorts of Windows 11 issues, from slow gaming performance on AMD chips to a nasty memory leak bug.

As TechPowerUp notes, these issues are critical not only for AMD users, but also for the upcoming launch of Intel Alder Lake. We’ve heard a lot about Thread Director in this new generation, which reportedly improves performance when paired with the system. If these issues aren’t addressed soon, AMD could be at a disadvantage.

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