Windows 11 will change the design of File Explorer, add tabs and quick access

For testers of Windows 11, a new assembly has been released, in which the design of File Explorer has been significantly changed. It introduced navigation through several folders in one window and the function of moving tabs.

Testing of such Explorer began on Windows 10, but the tabs were not included in the final releases.

Announced features include updating hot folders, displaying recently opened documents, and a completely new Favorites option. To add a file to the sidebar, just right-click on it and pin it to the main page of Explorer.

Changed the settings for sharing files. You can now send Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive contacts and apps in the sharing dialog.

The timing of the appearance of the new File Explorer in Windows 11 builds for all users has not yet been reported. Usually the final builds are rolled out every month, but there is no guarantee that the changes in File Explorer will appear in April.

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