WhatsApp imposed a new privacy policy on us, which caused a stir. To the extent that users began to switch to alternatives that offered data privacy. While the Facebook-owned messaging app holds its ground, the competition on the list of the most downloaded apps is very high.

Although the company has tried to educate users that its new rules are not as harmful as they seem, nothing much has changed. Now he tries to convince users that new policies are important to business resilience. This raises the question of which of the two stories should be believed now.

We are now hearing that WhatsApp will soon start showing a banner that will encourage users to learn more about policy updates and fix their problems. Of course, in a country like India, privacy is not a priority for users.

Whatsapp wrote on a blog that it missed its earlier post on the new rules. “We thought about what we could do better here,” addressing each user, justifying policy updates. The moot point is that now the company is justifying its updates while previously assured that they are harmless.

The blog post goes on to say, “We are now using our status feature to share our valuables and updates directly on WhatsApp. In the future, we will be doing much more to make our voice clear.

Also, the company is changing the way it informs users of policy updates. They will now display a banner with information about the new privacy policy. The blog post said: “In the coming weeks, we will show a banner on WhatsApp with additional information that people can read at their own pace.”

According to WhatsApp, it needs to update policies to serve its business customers better. These are companies that use WhatsApp Business services to directly sell products and services to customers through WhatsApp, which WhatsApp believes is faster and more user-friendly.

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