WhatsApp users can send each other files no larger than 100 MB. The situation may change soon. Some participants in the beta testing program were able to share a large amount of content on Android and iOS. This is just the latest news from Techobig on the company.

WhatsApp beta testers in Argentina can already share files up to 2 GB, according to WABetaInfo. We are talking about versions, and on Android and version on iOS.

WhatsApp is testing file sharing up to 2GB on Android and iOS (WA NEW MEDIA FILE SHARING LIMIT IOS 1536x1365 1)

If WhatsApp still decides to release this version for everyone, then the function may be quite in demand. With an increase in the resolution of the smartphone camera sensors, the “weight” of files also grows, which makes them inconvenient for sending over the network. With the new version of WhatsApp, users will not be dependent on other transfer methods.

WhatsApp is testing file sharing up to 2 GB on Android and iOS (whatsapp)

However, it is not known whether users will be able to share images in their original resolution, since now the messenger compresses media files at times to completely unacceptable quality, forcing users to resort to various tricks to save file sizes, for example, sending photos as documents.

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