The GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card goes on sale in a few days. Well, how it comes out – February 25 – the official start date of sales. The deficit has not gone anywhere, so it will be tough to buy a card, and you can hardly even dream of recommended prices. Moreover, there is no Founders Edition, so Nvidia will not sell cards at the recommended price.

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However, the other day there was a hope that at least miners would not be interested in the card. Nvidia has decided to implement a mechanism to reduce cryptocurrency mining performance in the adapter, and the company assures that it cannot be circumvented.

The mechanism relies on the BIOS and the driver. Even without a fresh driver, the first tests show that the mechanism works: when mining Ethereum, the performance drops from 45-48 MH/s to 22 MH/s, which makes the card too disadvantageous compared to other adapters.

Moreover, while Nvidia itself talks about implementing the mechanism only in the RTX 3060, there are hopes that it will appear in new batches of older Ampere cards (already released copies will not be reliably blocked).

However, does it all make sense? The fact is that the mechanism only works when mining Ethereum, and this has already been confirmed. For example, when mining Conflux, the card’s profitability is even higher (6.5-7 dollars per day). That is, the adapter is still interesting for miners. As a result, it is completely unclear why Nvidia fuss this whole vegetable garden. So far, only one thing comes to mind: self-promotion. Moreover, judging by the results before the card entered the market, self-promotion is far from the best because they did nothing sensible.

In any case, I will explain to the haters of mining once again: miners are not the main culprit behind the shortage of modern video cards, and even more so overpriced. Inflated prices are a consequence of huge deficits. The deficit, in turn, was original. The new GeForce and Radeon were almost absent from the stores on the first day of sales, and even large sites could not get copies for testing. So the miners just made the situation a little worse, but if the cue ball suddenly drops at times, the only thing you can really count on is the appearance of a lot of used cards. The shortage of video cards was initially caused by several factors at once, including insufficient production of GDDR6 memory, a shortage of substrates, probably the workload of TSMC, and so on.

So, it’s a pity that Nvidia failed to block mining on the RTX 3060 completely, but it would not have changed the situation on the market.

By the way, Nvidia itself introduced special adapters for mining so that gamers supposedly had something left. I will write about the adapters themselves in the next news, but the approach itself without limiting gaming cards’ performance in mining seems useless so far.

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