Apple in October 2020, introduced smartphones of the iPhone 12 series. In total, four models were announced, each of which is available in three memory modifications. In this article, we’ll take a look at five useful iPhone 12 accessories.

Case and Glass

After the presentation, the company published prices for the replacement of the display and glass. In the event of a breakdown, users can buy a Chinese flagship instead of repair, and some more money will remain in their wallets. Therefore, let’s start with accessories that increase the protection of your smartphone. True, they are also not cheap.

Regular silicone and leather cases are $60-$80. But they do not provide screen protection. Bloggers have already tested the iPhone 12 and claim that the new Ceramic Shield glass is scratched almost on the air.

Therefore, when using covers, it is better to take care of buying a protective glass. On the official Apple website, such accessories are not sold, but on the first page of the search results in Google, you will find many options where you can get glass. On AliExpress, for example, this will cost a couple of dollars. On the official website, the company offers only a protective film worth up to $39.95, but so far only for older models.

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And a little more about covers. All those presented on the official Apple website support MagSafe magnetic charging. You can purchase a waterproof case for underwater photography on AliExpress. For example, now you will have to pay for such an accessory about 10-15 dollars. For iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, there are no sales cases at the time of writing.


Almost every iPhone owner wants to buy branded fully wireless headphones. Apple has several of them. Again, refer to the official website of the American company.

The first generation AirPods cost $159. A model with a charging case that supports wireless charging will cost $199. The case itself with support for wireless charging costs $79. New Apple AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation can be purchased for $249.


To fully integrate into the Apple ecosystem, only smartwatches are missing. The company’s assortment is also full of such goodness. Of course, you have the right to buy a wearable gadget from Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, or Garmin, but in this case, you will lose all the delights of the Apple ecosystem.

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What to buy for iPhone 12: some useful accessories

Officially American company sells several watches. This year, she has already presented the Apple Watch Series 6 worth from $399, Apple Watch Nike for the same money, and the more modest Apple Watch SE, the price of which starts at $279.

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And some more accessories.

In conclusion, let’s talk about a few more useful accessories for the iPhone 12 and other Apple smartphones. As you know, the Californian manufacturer is not particularly eager to switch to USB-C, preferring the proprietary Lightning connector.

What to buy for iPhone 12: some useful accessories

The company prudently provided users with the opportunity to buy an adapter from Lightning to USB Type-C. It will cost $49s. Its original adapter will allow you to connect wired headphones because the 3.5 mm jack is missing in the iPhone, starting with the iPhone 7/7 Plus, which was announced in 2016.

Among other things, we can note a branded MagSafe Duo charger for $129 and a leather wallet case for $59. You can see how it looks on a smartphone above.

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What to buy for iPhone 12: some useful accessories

Moment has already prepared several accessories for the new item. Of course, do not forget about portable batteries, because with the introduction of support for fifth-generation mobile networks, the autonomy of the new iPhone 12 is far from the best. Proprietary battery cases are not yet supported.

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