Waymo self-driving cars storm a dead-end street in San Francisco every day - locals complain of noise and traffic jams

In August, Waymo (the autonomous car division of Alphabet) announced it was expanding its autonomous taxi test program in San Francisco, and now something strange is happening there. Locals noticed the unusual behavior of the vehicles – every day, for no reason, drones drive into a dead-end street (15 Avenue) for no reason, forcing operators to switch to manual control in order to make a U-turn.

The locals told the TV channel KPIX 5that cars arrive “literally every five minutes”, both during the day and at night, and on some days “up to 50 cars appear” and often they form traffic jams.

“I first noticed cars at night. I woke up from a strange hum and thought that a spaceship had appeared outside my bedroom window. “

Jennifer King

a resident of a neighborhood in San Francisco about the invasion of the Waymo robotaxi

Residents wonder why Waymo vehicles – a Jaguar I-Pace with a fifth generation Waymo Driver system – continue to arrive in their area, one after the other, sometimes two or three at a time. They do not pick up or drop off passengers, but just come. By the way, new drones equipped improved sensors – each car has five lidars and radars, and the recognition range has increased so much that now the car can recognize the STOP sign in half a kilometer. Recall that Waymo and other companies rely on lidars and HD mapping to develop autonomous driving technologies, while Tesla relies on neural networks and computer (machine) vision.

A Waymo spokesman attributed the strange behavior to a nearby location on one of the Slow Streets, where there are restrictions on the movement of vehicles through certain residential areas. As noted in the KPIX 5 video, the street Waymo cars keep turning into is adjacent to one of these Slow Streets.

“We continue to adapt to the ever-changing traffic rules of San Francisco. In this case, cars on 15th Avenue towards Northern California must make a U-turn due to the presence of Slow Streets in the Lake District. So Waymo Driver followed the same rules of the road that any human-driven vehicle must follow. ”

from Waymo statement

This is not the first such embarrassment with Waymo drones – I recall the May incident in Phoenix, when one of the company’s cars first blocked traffic due to cones, and then tried to “escape” from the arrived support team.

The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, drew attention to the incident and tweeted a short message “ha ha.” But here it will be very useful to recall the well-known saying “He who laughs last laughs well” given that the proprietary Tesla Autopilot system is still far from ideal, and in relation to the company NHTSA is currently investigating numerous accidents with parked special vehicles.


– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 14, 2021

An excerpt from KPIX reporting on anomalous drone behavior in San Francisco

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