Volkswagen accidentally (by chance?) Posted a press release on its website announcing that the company will be called the Voltswagen of America in the American market. By doing so, the automaker wants to highlight its strategy for electrifying the model range.

A company spokesman declined to comment on the situation, and a press release dated April 29, was removed from the site.

Considering that it will be April 1, the world day of jokes and practical jokes, in a couple of days, one would assume that the company has prepared for it in this way. But, CNBC says a source familiar with Volkswagen’s plans has confirmed these rebranding intentions.

The company name change is due in May. The Voltswagen logo will be used on all-electric models, while the classic Volkswagen badge will remain only on vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Voltswagen of America will remain the Volkswagen Group of America’s operating arm and a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG headquartered in Herndon, Virginia.

How do you like this rebranding option? Should other automakers follow Volkswagen’s lead?

A source: CNBC

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