In the next few months, version 4.0 of the famous cross-platform media player VLC should occur. One of the main innovations will be the changed interface of the application. The development team is also working on adding more online content and running VLC on a web page.

It’s a much more modern design.
 Image: VideoLAN / FOSDEM

In 2019, VideoLAN demonstrated a tentative interface that will appear in VLC 4.0 during the FOSDEM conference. Based on the screenshots, the player will receive a gray theme with transparent UI elements. And even though something could have changed in more than a year, the new interface looks noticeably more modern than the current one.

The interface playing a music file.
 Image: VideoLAN / FOSDEM

VLC 4.0 may have extensions for third-party video services. And thanks to the use of Webassembly and JavaScript, the software is adapted to work in browsers. Users will be able to “play any movie format directly in a web browser.”

Another novelty from the developers may be a database for films that users can edit and maintain—something like the IMDb service. Within the company, this feature is called the Moviepedia Project.

The exact release date for VLC 4.0 has not yet been specified.

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