You may have heard of Vivo smartphones, but do you know about the existence of Vivo headphones? I want to introduce you to the Vivo Wireless Sports earphone. I got hold of earphones interesting for my taste for review: this is not a completely wireless TWS headset, but a more classic version. Earphones with a headband and a comfortable fit cost $56.99. I’ll tell you more about them.

Lightweight and Comfortable

The advantages of this design include reliability: you will not lose the headphones if you want to. The wire is flexible and soft. It is practically not felt on the neck: it does not rub or press. If you are not listening to music, then the ear cups can be magnetized so that they do not dangle while walking with the headset around your neck.

The Vivo Wireless Sports Earphones housing is made of aluminum. On one side, the Vivo logo is applied, and on the other side, there are physical keys for control. Two buttons change the volume level, and if you hold them down, they switch tracks. Another one pauses, and the last key located to the side launches the Jovi voice assistant or Google Assistant. If you have an iPhone, it will be Siri.

The Vivo Wireless Sports Earphones come in three different sizes of silicone tips. I advise you to try everything and find the most comfortable for yourself. For example, the standard ones came up to me. They sit tightly, do not fall out when you turn your head, walk or run – activities are only a plus because these are sports headphones.

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Vivo Wireless Sports Buds

What else is the “sportiness” of the headphones here, you ask. A small silicone loop is provided. It works as a spacer, fixing the earphone more tightly in your ear. Also, protection against water at the IP55 level is provided: you cannot swim, but you can sweat diligently during training – Vivo Wireless Sport will withstand such a load. Attentive users can pay attention to the charging port without a plug, but since the headphones are certified, there is no need to be afraid of moisture.

Vivo Wireless Sports Band

Sound quality

Vivo Wireless Sports play loudly: the headroom is good, so do not overdo it not to damage your hearing. Passive noise isolation is quite sufficient: of course, the headphones cannot cope with the noise of the subway, but you can safely work in the office or at home, withdraw into yourself under the melodic background. The main thing is not to be lazy and try the attachments from the kit. There is no active noise cancellation if anything.

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I did not find my character with the Vivo Wireless Sports. They are omnivorous. They sound loud, play clean high frequencies, the mids are a little dirty, the bass is moderate. If you need a bright sound and your own music performance style, this is not about Vivo Wireless Sport. But this is not a criticism. Rather, just the fact that the result is simple and understandable headphones with predictable sound.

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Vivo Wireless Sports Review

As for the codecs, the layout is as follows: in addition to SBC and AAC, there is also LDAC, Hi-Res Audio support. So if you have not an iPhone, but an Android phone with extended format support, then you can hear the difference in sound. For example, I used Vivo X60 Pro headphones for testing, but LDAC is available in top-end phones and simpler smartphones.

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There are no problems with communication. It is stable. There is no hint of malfunctions. The sound goes without interruption. The source signal is not lost. It is comfortable to talk: noises are drowned out, the interlocutor hears normally, and there were no complaints about the quality of voice transmission.

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If you use a Vivo smartphone, you can appreciate the animation when you connect the Vivo Wireless Sports to the device. If you have a phone from another manufacturer, you can start searching for a new Bluetooth accessory and make friends with the headphones.

Conveniently, Vivo Wireless Sports automatically pause music when you remove the earbud from your ear. For example, when you need to talk to someone. Then you put the earphone back in place, and the music starts up again.

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The battery is Enough for A Day

The headphones have a Type-C port for charging, you get a cable in the kit, but there is no power supply. There is a fast-charging function: after five minutes at the outlet, the headphones will work for about four hours until they sit down.

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Vivo Wireless Sports

According to the manufacturer, fully charged earbuds last 12 hours of operation at 50% volume. I got it a little less, about 9-10 hours in feeling, but the volume was also higher. So it all depends on your use case.

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Vivo Wireless Sports Earphones Price

The Vivo Wireless Sports earphones are sold for $56.99.

There are many wireless headphones on sale, and someone is trying to attract with the name of the brand, another is captivating with a balance of qualities, and the third is betting on the price.

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In my opinion, despite the era of TWS headphones, such wired headsets are still needed, and Vivo Wireless Sport will appeal not only to those who play sports.

In the case of Vivo Wireless Sport, you get good sound, decent battery life, water resistance, and stable call quality. And they are also nice and made of pleasant materials. After all, aluminum in the finish is better than plastic.

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Vivo Wireless Sports Earphones: Specifications

  • Speaker: 9.2mm;
  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz;
  • Sensitivity: 100dB;
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0;
  • Codecs: LDA, AAC, SBC;
  • Moisture protection: IP55;
  • Battery: 129mAh;
  • Weight: 27.4 g.

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