After the release of the iPhone 14 line, the Pro series became the focus of everyone’s attention. This time around, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max not only have the old notch design replaced, but also get a significant performance boost thanks to the exclusive A16 chip and a new 48MP main camera. Which is almost the biggest update in recent years.

However, because of this, the thickness and weight of the iPhone 14 Pro series has been further increased.

Users criticize the iPhone 14 Pro Max (Pro 01)

According to the official Apple sitethe weight of the iPhone 14 Pro Max reached 240g, making it the heaviest iPhone ever.

When using a protective film and a protective case, the weight of the smartphone can reach more than a quarter of a kilogram, calling it the flagship of the “brick”.

The weight of the smartphone caused users to complain, fearing that they would have trouble holding the phone.

Users criticize iPhone 14 Pro Max ()

On the other hand, some users believe that the abandonment of the compact design has led to the creation of the most powerful iPhone in history, reaching the pinnacle in terms of photography, performance and battery life.

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Also, according to people, Pro Max is designed for users who like the ultimate experience. And those who do not like this weight can choose the standard version.

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