Huawei is currently losing its battle with the White House. The company hasn’t disappeared from the smartphone manufacturing map, but its market share has plummeted. What Huawei managed to do was sell the Honor brand to get the company out of the sanctions. The real-money sale was an attempt to show that the deal was legitimate and the parent company was losing control of Honor.

US authorities consider blacklisting Honor (Huawei Honor 750x435 1)

It is only logical that American officials questioned the fact that ties between Honor and Huawei had been cut. The company got out of the US sanctions. However, a number of politicians continue to view this situation as a potential threat. As a result, reports began to come from the United States that some politicians and senators were still not ready to rehabilitate Honor. In addition, the question of including the brand on the “black list” was raised.

There is no consensus among politicians. According to The Washington Post, the Department of Energy and the Pentagon are in favor of returning Honor to the sanctions list. And the Ministry of Trade and the State Department are against such a step. It is not yet clear what final decision will be made. Most likely, the final decision will largely depend on the position of US President John Biden.

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