Twenty years ago, when photorealistic games were only a distant dream, some companies still tried to add realism to games through intros and cut-scenes. Such videos could last for several minutes, providing a deeper immersion in the gameplay.

And while such videos were delightful at the time, now they look less impressive on screens with Full HD or 4K resolution. The Upscale YouTube channel undertook to fix this problem. Its authors use machine learning systems to increase the resolution of old videos so that they still look as good as they once did on old CRT monitors.

All of these improvements are made possible by the Topaz Video Enhance AI software, also known as Topaz Gigapixel. The software itself can be purchased for $ 299. It will take several hours to improve a single video, depending on the performance of the computer’s GPU, the length of the video, and the target resolution. However, it is important to know that the images produced by the computer are not necessarily “true.” They may include details that are not in the original video. The final result may also differ depending on the resolution.

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You can see the results of Topaz Video Enhance AI work at YouTube channel Upscale.

Source: The verge

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