Study: Where Ukrainians look for remote work during the war and what freelance offers

According to the UN, at the moment more than 3 million Ukrainians have left the country due to the full-scale invasion of Russia. Someone did it as soon as he felt the slightest danger. Others are in no hurry to leave their hometowns until the enemy approaches home. The Freelancehunt service has assessed the current state of freelancing in Ukraine.

What’s going on in the business world

Of course, on February 24, entrepreneurial activity in most cases froze, and even in those cities where everything was calm. Some were afraid of the unknown and uncertainty about the future. Others were unable to continue working due to the destruction of infrastructure during the hostilities or difficulties with logistics and supplies.

Employees need time to adjust. Even in relatively calm regions, it is difficult to work in the same rhythm to the sound of sirens and against the backdrop of constant disturbing news. Many were left without work, while basic needs did not disappear anywhere. In such situations, the remote format of cooperation has become a salvation: to complete tasks, you only need a gadget and Internet access. The freelancing market offers the most opportunities for remote work.

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The state of the Ukrainian freelance market on the 20+ day of the war

The freelance market in Ukraine is stable. Now this is one of the most stable niches, since the performers carry out orders remotely – they can do it even from shelters, if they have the strength and ability to do so. Over 74% of performers with experience and expertise have moved or are safe and are actively returning to work.

The flow of new freelancers and applicants is recovering, although not by 100%, as before, but at least we see a positive trend of 75-80%. Beginners are motivated, ready to learn quickly and fulfill orders with high quality at a moderate price tag.

The market of orders and projects in Ukraine in the first days fell by 90-95%, but also rapidly began to recover. As of March 17, the market has recovered by 46%. And that’s just in 2 weeks.

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If we talk about the activity of customers from all over the world, excluding Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, then the situation here is much better.

“We are seeing a drop of only 12-18%. We have always had many customers from Europe, the USA, Canada and Israel on the service. It is through these markets that we plan to increase volumes and further development,” noted Freelancehunt.

What specialists are needed for remote work now

Now there is a lot of work for designers, translators and data scientists. There is a decrease in demand for advertising and promotion services in social networks. There is a continued demand for web developers and mobile app developers.

Freelancehunt has 11 categories in 128 areas of activity – no one will be left without a job. The main thing:

  • actively monitor new projects on the service;
  • take a responsible approach to the formation of responses;
  • fulfill orders with high quality in order to continue working with the customer in the future.
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Ukrainian freelancers are now actively entering foreign freelance exchanges, such as UpWork or Fiverr. The advantage of the Ukrainian company Freelancehunt is that there is no language barrier on the platform, and payment can be made from any country in the world, except for the aggressor countries (Russia and Belarus). To work, performers only need access to the Internet and a computer.

“Freelancehunt is now, without exaggeration, the largest freelance service in Ukraine,” says Freelancehunt founder Oleg Topchiy. — Before the war, we provided 25-40 thousand freelancers a year with part-time or full-time employment.

We do not plan to slow down even in such difficult times. The market is open to everyone – those who left or those who stayed. Wherever you are, you can find one-time projects or customers on an ongoing basis and earn money”

To quickly track new tasks, the Freelancehunt platform offers telegram channels with up-to-date projects And vacancies.

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