According to analysts TrendForce, Apple stops producing the iPhone 12 mini, the smallest and most affordable model in the current line. Allegedly, this decision was the result of disappointingly low demand for the 5.4-inch model.

So far, this information has not been confirmed by other reputable sources like Bloomberg, so it should be treated with skepticism. On the other hand, low demand for the iPhone 12 Mini has been reported more than once. Previous posts indicated that The 5.4-inch model accounted for just 5% of total iPhone 12 sales – and Apple could stop assembling it in Q2 2021 if things don’t improve. In April, Apple even added a new purple color to the iPhone 12 mini.

iPhone 12 mini can still be bought both on the official website and in Apple stores and from the American company’s official retailers.

It is not yet clear if Apple plans will keep the compact model for the next generation of iPhone. Earlier rumors and analyst forecasts indicated that Apple would not change the lineup in the next generation but will ditch the mini version in the 2022 lineup.

Expected that Apple will unveil the next generation of the iPhone in early fall.

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