Benedict Cumberbatch will reappear on the screens as a real historical figure. In The Courier (in the Ukrainian box office – Kur’ur, in the Russian box – Iron Bark), he plays the British businessman Greville Wynn, who helped the CIA and MI6 infiltrate the Soviet nuclear program during the Cold War.

With no experience in espionage and working under the constant threat of disclosure, Wynn was the CIA contact for Oleg Penkovsky. A senior Soviet military official codenamed Ironbark. Penkovsky passed on information to the West that helped defuse the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Wynne was supposed to receive this classified information while maintaining the illusion that he was an ordinary businessman selling parts for steel making.

Also starring were Merab Ninidze, Rachel Brosnahan, and Jesse Buckley. Dominic Cook directed the film. The film is due out on March 19. By the way, if you like historical films with Cumberbatch based on real events, I advise you to watch the movie “The Imitation Game,” where he played the British cryptographer Alan Turing.

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