First of all, the TP-Link brand is associated with all kinds of routers, repeaters, and other routers. But also in the arsenal of the manufacturer, there are different “smart” devices for home use and business. Among other things, these are surveillance cameras. Their lineup is called VIGI and includes several camera options as well as an NVR. All of them are primarily focused on the corporate segment. In this article, we will tell you a little more about the capabilities of these devices.

VIGI C400P-2.8 camera

Let’s start with the VIGI C400P-2.8 camera, which is designed for indoor installation. It comes with a power supply, fasteners, a sticker for marking during installation and documentation. Installation should not be time-consuming, but you will need a drill if the device is mounted on a wall or ceiling.

TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

You can mount the camera in any convenient position. At the same time, the platform has a recess for the cable if there is no place for it in the wall. And you don’t need a lot of space for the device. Its body is quite small: 123 × 123 × 83 mm. The camera is made of plastic and weighs only 195 grams, so there should be no walls. The color of the design is white.

Once secured in the desired location, the camera can be rotated in the future if needed—fixed position only at the platform. During installation, what is important to remember is to position the camera so that its lens is above the IR sensor. For this, there is a corresponding mark on the top of the case. The camera is powered either from the supplied power supply or via a connected network cable with PoE capability.

The camera itself can be equipped with a pair of lens options: 2.8mm (ƒ / 2.0) or 4mm (ƒ / 2.4). The camera in question received the first one with a capture angle of 105 ° horizontally, 56 ° vertically, and 125 ° diagonally. The resolution is 3 MP (2304 × 1296 pixels), and the sensor size is 1 / 2.7 inches.

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TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

From the image settings, the user has access to brightness, contrast, saturation, image mirroring, sharpness, exposure, and WDR, and the camera adjusts the white balance on its own. There is a WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function, which will adjust the contrast to “highlight” shadows, and an infrared sensor will help in the dark. Resolution and frame rate can also be adjusted from 1 to 30 FPS.

TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

In addition to the usual video surveillance mode, the camera has smart functions. For example, the system can send notifications when movement occurs in the field of view. In this case, you can set certain zones of response or response to crossing the established line. Also, the camera will notify if it suspects that they are trying to block the picture.

TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

You can control the camera both locally and using a mobile application for smartphones. It will provide access to both settings and “live” and surveillance recordings. Naturally, with the help of a computer, you can also access the device.

VIGI C300P-6 camera

There are also outdoor surveillance cameras, such as the VIGI C300P-6. These are designed for outdoor installation and outdoor monitoring.

TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

Its scope of delivery is slightly larger because a different approach is used for installation. The VIGI C300P-6 has the same power supply, metal leg, camera platform, a set of fasteners, and an additional cover to protect the connectors from moisture.

TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

The design of the outdoor cameras is different. They are not round but oblong, and their lenses are covered with a small visor. The camera body has not increased much compared to the previous example, but the dimensions are still larger – 164.9 x 87.4 x 83.4 mm and weighs 283.5 grams. At the same time, the body is made of the same white matte plastic, except for the lens, the outer part of the lid of which is already black, and the front side is also glossy.

The top cover on the body can move back a little, covering the camera’s back, from where the communication cable comes out. All of this is easily mounted using a conventional Phillips screwdriver. It is worth mentioning that the camera has a degree of protection against water and dust according to the IP67 standard and can withstand temperature fluctuations from -30 ° to 60 ° C.

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The leg attachment is adjustable in two planes, and these positions are rigidly fixed with a pair of screws. If necessary, the leg can also be attached to the top of the camera, so there will be no problems with installation and direction at the required angle. Also, the leg has a separate hole for the cable if the wall has an outlet for communications.

There are also a couple of lens options for such a camera: 4mm (ƒ / 2.4) and 6mm (ƒ / 2.0). In the VIGI C300P-6 model, as the name implies, it is 6 mm. Its viewing angles are 54 ° horizontally, 31 ° vertically, and 65 ° diagonally. But the resolution and size of the sensor are the same – 3 MP (2304 × 1296 pixels) and 1 / 2.7 inches.

TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

With settings for image resolution, several frames, and picture adjustments for outdoor cameras, the set does not differ from indoor surveillance devices. Smart functions also allow you to configure specific zones or response lines, and there are also IR sensors for working in the dark.

TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

And also with all the possibilities of camera control, which can be carried out locally or remotely using a smartphone or computer.

VIGI NVR1008 Network Video Recorder

And were without the “control center” itself – VIGI NVR1008. This is an 8-channel network video recorder, which is engaged in broadcasting and recording what is happening on the hard disk.

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TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

With it, in the box, there is a small manipulator, storage mounts, and a power supply. It should be noted that the choice of a hard disk and its size is up to the user.

TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

The recorder itself is a small metal box (246.2 × 148.2 × 42.6 mm, 578 grams) with a set of necessary connectors and three operation indicators. Most of the ports are on the back: a power jack, two connectors for audio (output and input), VGA and HDMI for connecting a monitor, and a 100Mbps Ethernet port for connecting to a network. All cameras are connected separately via a switch, to which the recorder itself is also connected. There are a pair of USB ports (2.0) for peripherals and indicators of the network, storage, and power status on the front side.

The recorder allows simultaneous broadcasting from eight cameras with a resolution of up to 5 MP and simultaneous playback of up to four streams of finished recording. At the same time, you can install a hard drive with a capacity of up to 10 TB inside and record around the clock. For example, with the aforementioned cameras and the H.264 + codec they support, 1 TB of memory can hold up to 102 days of round-the-clock recording.

TP-Link VIGI surveillance systems

Also, if the user already has cameras supporting the ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) standard, then VIGI NVR1008 can work with them, but some additional functions may not be supported. The ability to connect an intercom will also be useful, for which the audio ports on the body are intended.

VIGI device prices

Such video surveillance systems are quite affordable and will not require large expenses from a company or an ordinary user. The examples of the VIGI C400P-2.8 and VIGI C300P-6 cameras will cost 1800 and 1830 hryvnia, respectively, and the price of the VIGI NVR1008 recorder is 2250 hryvnia. The rest of the camera options and their specifications can be found on the official website.

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