Toyota Mirai hydrogen car sets a Guinness record by driving 1360 km from a single filling of 5.65 kg of hydrogen

Recently, we reported that the production hydrogen car Toyota Mirai broke the world record of mileage at one filling, having covered 1003 km on a full tank of fuel. The Japanese automaker considered that this was not the limit and carried out another record run, having called a representative of the Guinness Book of Records to fix the results.

Unlike the first record, which took place in Paris (France), the Toyota team went to California (USA) for the second result. The race took place on the roads of Gardena, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and Malibu, driven by professional drivers who specialize in “hypermiling” – a discipline in which the winner is the one who drove the maximum possible distance on one tank of fuel or one battery charge.

As a result of the race, it turned out that the Toyota Mirai hydrogen car consumed all 5.65 kg of hydrogen that was in the tank and traveled a total of 1360.38 km or 845.3 miles. According to the passport, the Toyota Mirai hydrogen tank holds 5.6 kg of hydrogen, and a full refueling from stations with a pressure of 700 bar takes less than 5 minutes.

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Recall that recently in Ukraine, the first hydrogen car was certified, which became the same Toyota Mirai. While the car is being refueled in Poland, however, enthusiasts expect to open the first hydrogen refueling station in Ukraine next year.

A source: Motor1, Toyota

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