Its ICE version will be the first to enter the market in 2022!

German automaker Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the latest in its electric EQ family, the Concept EQT compact minivan. Interestingly, the ICE version of the Mercedes-Benz T-Class model will be the first to enter the market next year. An electric car based on it under Mercedes-Benz EQT will appear on sale later (without specifying a specific date).

The EQT premium minivan will be more compact (4945x1863x1826mm) than its sister model EQV (5140-5370mm). It will initially target private users and families rather than the commercial segment like the Mercedes-Benz Citan.

That is why the developers have focused on stylish design, comfortable interior, and MBUX digital interface, increasing the convenience of daily use. For example, the novelty with a panoramic roof will receive sliding doors on both sides of the hull, making it easier for passengers to board and facilitates access to the cabin.

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The third row of seats can be used to transport passengers or be obliterated, increasing the usable volume of the trunk for transporting bulky goods.

Unfortunately, the creators of the Mercedes-Benz EQT have not yet announced its technical characteristics. Still, if you focus on the aforementioned Mercedes-Benz EQV model, then the new product can get a power of about 150 kW, a battery of 90-100 kWh, and a power reserve of about 400 km.

A source: Mercedes-Benz

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