Based on the novel by Tom Clancy about John Clarke from Rainbow Six (premiere April 30, 2021)

As you remember, Amazon decided to film the story of another hero of Tom Clancy’s books besides Jack Ryan. The protagonist of the new franchise was John Clark, who would later become the secret Rainbow division head. The lead role was played by Michael B. Jordan, known for the Creed franchise and the films Black Panther and Fahrenheit 451.

The first film in the series is based on the 1993 novel Without Remorse of the same name, which explores how Clarke became an implacable terrorist fighter. If the film is commercially successful, the 1998 novel Rainbow Six, which kicked off the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six videogame franchise, would be next. All in all, John Clark has appeared in more than 10 Ryanvers books, so there are no problems with material for the next films either.

In addition to Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Cam Gigandet, Colman Domingo, Jodie Turner-Smith, Luke Mitchell, Jack Kesey, Lauren London, and others starred in Without Remorse. The film was directed by Stefano Sollima, adapted by Taylor Sheridan, and directed by Skydance Media and Paramount Pictures.

The film Without Remorse was originally scheduled to hit theatres in September 2020, but this never happened due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of negotiations, the distribution rights were received by Amazon. As a result, the action movie’s premiere will take place on April 30, 2021, on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

A source: Polygon

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