The California startup introduced the Humble One electric crossover with a range of 800 km, charging from solar panels, and a price tag of $109K

Founded in 2020, California-based startup Humble Motors has unveiled its first creation, the Humble One, which the developers call “the world’s first solar-powered crossover.” The fact is that the developers will cover all the flat surfaces of the electric vehicle with highly efficient solar panels, which will provide a cruising range of up to 100 km per day.

In particular, the panels will be placed on the roof, doors, glass, and even in some folding elements. The entire solar sail’s total area should be 7.65 m², which should be enough for 97 kilometers (60 miles) in ideal conditions. Even in harsh environmental conditions, the panels should provide 16 km (10 miles) of range after a day of charge, which is basically better than nothing.

With all this, the Humble One electric crossover can be charged at conventional charging stations, so the solar capabilities are more a pleasant bonus than the main method of charging. The battery of unnamed capacity should provide up to 800 km (500 miles) of range, and it’s less about volume than about aerodynamic efficiency (Cd 0.25) and minimum weight. Details about the propulsion system have not been reported, but its power will be 1,020 hp in the maximum configuration.

At the moment, the startup’s website is collecting pre-orders for the Humble One electric crossover for $ 300, while the cost of the basic version without additional options will be $ 109 thousand. The production of the model will start in 2024, with the first deliveries to customers in 2025.

The Humble Motors startup has already announced that they have received more than $ 20 million in pre-orders, while in the last month alone, their number has grown by 426%. Note that most likely this does not mean the order of 66.7 thousand electric vehicles ($ 20 million / $ 300), but the order of 183 electric vehicles, which theoretically could bring the company $ 20 million (183 units at $ 109 thousand each), if by 2025 customers will not change their minds.

A source: InsideEV’s, Humble motors

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