Even though for the first time about the Atari VCS console was told back in 2017, they promised to release it to the market in 2019 (and then again in 2020), the real sales of “new items” began only now. American fans of retro gaming can buy the console at the official website or on the electronics network Best Buy. TheĀ rest will have to wait or use workarounds to purchase.

So, after the purchase, the player receives a device based on AMD Ryzen R1606G with 8 GB of RAM and 32 GB of data storage, and thanks to the standard M.2 SSD and SODIMM connectors, they can be upgraded.

The user can independently install Windows, Linux, or ChromeOS in the so-called Desktop Mode, getting a stylish desktop mini-PC. It can also be used as a media player for streaming services like Netflix and Disney +.

However, the main application of the Atari VCS is a game console. In this incarnation, the console received 100 retro games, including 18 arcade games and 82 games from the Atari 2600 line. The player can also purchase modern games from the branded application store, but according to the reviews of the first owners, the choice there is not very wide.

Note that the regular $299 version of the Atari VCS only includes a console, while the $399 Walnut version additionally includes a wireless controller and classic joystick, which separately cost $59 each.

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A source: The verge

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