Add red: testing bright SVEN PS-270 wireless speakers

SVEN company regularly pleases fans of color devices with new products. Recently, a bright red PS-270 device with a telescopic handle for easy portability has appeared in the line of wireless speakers. The manufacturer claims that the speaker plays music from any sources, including memory cards, holds a charge for 20 hours of continuous playback and leaves far behind the speakers of smartphones and laptops in terms of sound volume. Well, let’s check it out.

We liked the color of the acoustics: rich, bright scarlet – it attracts attention. At the top is a knob, and next to it is a panel with control buttons. For convenience, all ports are located in a single block at the back. All of them are covered with rubber plugs – they are not afraid of moisture and dust.

A textile mesh is used to protect the speakers instead of the traditional metal grille. In this regard, SVEN does not lag behind Google and Amazon – world companies use similar solutions in their devices.

The body is made of durable plastic with a rubberized coating that protects it from damage. The acoustics are equipped with four high legs, thanks to which it is convenient to install it on any surface. The case of the column seems to be monolithic due to the fact that the seam connecting its parts is at the bottom and is not visible to the naked eye.

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The assembly was pleasantly impressed: the gaps are even, there are no traces of glue or burrs. The column turned out to be unusually convenient in use! The control system is well thought out: there is one function for each button, there are enough keys for this. In some portable acoustics, the same button is responsible for switching tracks and for adjusting the volume – with a short and long press, respectively. Agree, this is inconvenient. In the PS-270, you don’t need to control the duration of the click – the songs are switched with one key, the volume is adjusted with another.

 SVEN PS-270

Separate indicators of power and operating modes (Bluetooth / FM / SD) are located next to the controls – they can be used to track the status of the system. The acoustics can be connected to the sound source in wired and wireless modes. SVEN PS-270 interfaces with tablets and smartphones based on Android or iOS. Users of “apple” gadgets get an advantage – next to the battery indicator on the display of the mobile device, the acoustics power indicator is displayed.

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In wired mode, the speaker is connected to audio sources via the AUX audio jack (3.5 mm). To the right and to the left of it are the USB-A ports, which are used to connect flash drives, and microUSB for connecting memory cards. The package includes the necessary cables – AUX and microUSB – you can turn on the speaker immediately after unpacking, you don’t have to buy anything. For beginners, the detailed user manual that the manufacturer has included in the package will be useful.

The speaker has a built-in microphone, so it can be used for speakerphone if it is paired with a phone. Radio lovers will appreciate the built-in FM receiver – for it to work without interference, you need to connect one of the two cables to the acoustics. There are no special requirements for flash drives for connecting to a column: unless the volume should not exceed 32 GB, and the file system must be FAT32.

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SVEN PS-270 is equipped with two speakers 5 cm in diameter, with a power of 5 W. It turns out that the total acoustics power is 10 W – quite decent for a portable speaker. The rear panel contains a passive radiator that makes the sound more detailed and clear. The bass starts playing from 100-120 Hz. The middle is bright and rich, the high frequencies are accented. We did not notice any distortion when the volume was increased.

The battery life when connected to devices in wireless mode is approximately 10 hours, and in radio mode – all 20.

So, SVEN PS-270 is a compact, functional acoustics that connects to any sound sources, reproduces music from flash drives and memory cards, and boasts a built-in radio receiver. The eye-catching design will not go unnoticed – the column will surely be appreciated by fans of trendy gadgets.

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