According to Bloomberg Law, a former Tesla employee received a $ 1 million payment from the automaker after an arbitrator discovered that the company did not interfere with his executives when abused on racial grounds.

Black Melvin Berry was hired by Tesla’s Alameda, California plant in 2015. He said that his boss called him with the letter N, and then, when Berry opposed this, the boss made him work longer and do harder work. Tesla denied these allegations.

However, arbitrator Elaine Rushing said in the ruling that Tesla was responsible for the harassment described by Berry. In her opinion, a supervisor’s one-time use of the N-word about a subordinate is enough to understand that this constitutes serious persecution.

Tesla argued that there was no written evidence that Berry had complained about executives calling him an N. It is also noted that he left the company voluntarily, as evidenced by the arbitrator’s ruling.

Arbitrations between employers and workers are usually confidential. But in this case, Berry’s attorney filed a standard motion to enforce the arbitrator’s order that disclosed the award. Attorney Lawrence Organ told Bloomberg that Berry would not pursue further legal action as Tesla paid compensation.

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Melvin Berry is not the first worker to report racism at Tesla’s Fremont plant. In 2017, former assembler Marcus Vaughn filed a lawsuit against Tesla, claiming the company had not investigated his written complaint that colleagues and executives called him N-words. Vaughn described the Fremont plant as a “hotbed of racist behavior.” At the same time, Tesla said in a statement that Vaughn’s lawsuit was “a breeding ground for misinformation.” In April, an Alameda County judge rejected a company request to bar Vaughn from pursuing class-action status.

Source: The verge

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