About two years ago, Tesla introduced large industrial-scale energy storage called the Megapack. They are intended for commercial and utility-scale applications. Now the company has shared more details on the price of such solutions.

Tesla Megapack energy storage starts at $ 1 million. This price may seem high, but it is actually a good deal for large-scale energy storage. The single Megapack is a 3 MWh battery system, which is about 14 times larger than the Powerpack version (210 kWh). Such a block is comparable in size to a container. It is equipped with built-in modules, inverters, and thermal systems.

Tesla claims that due to its larger size and built-in power electronics, the Megapack is 60% more power-hungry than the Powerpack device. The Megapack can be delivered in a container ready for installation.

Tesla has shared prices for industrial energy storage Megapack - from $ 1 million per unit

Tesla quietly launched a new online configurator for Megapack last week. In the configurator, prices are indicated, which vary depending on how many blocks the customer intends to purchase. For example, the price of one Tesla Megapack unit is $ 1,235,890. But this is not quite a typical use case for such a device. In fact, Tesla uses the default 10 Megapack in the configurator. And in this case, the price of the kit is $ 9,999,290, and the cost of each block is already reduced to $ 999,929.

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Tesla has shared prices for industrial energy storage Megapack - from $ 1 million per unit

As a result, the storage cost for 1 kWh is $ 327.87. The price per kWh decreases as the buyer orders more Megapack units. For example, if you order 100 such units, the cost per kWh drops to about $ 280. However, this is not an accurate representation of the cost of Tesla’s battery as it also includes 7.6MW power inverters and installation costs. The configurator also shows the annual maintenance cost of an energy storage installation, which can be up to 2% per year.

Tesla also provides approximate delivery times for Megapack units in various markets. For example, the company believes that it will be able to implement new Megapack projects in California as early as next year. Most other markets will have to wait until at least 2023 to get industrial energy storage.

Source: electrek

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