According to TalentTech’s 2022 HR Storm: Employers’ Response to New Labor Market Conditions, one in five employers (21%) have already started laying off employees. That is, 21% of companies right now need ready-made tips on how to properly carry out employee layoffs – with the least damage to the HR brand and with the greatest benefit for the dismissed. Most often, these are IT and manufacturing companies, as well as large businesses with more than 1,000 employees.

To help employees navigate the difficult situation on the labor market, and companies to maintain good relations with departing specialists and strengthen the reputation of a conscientious employer, a Russian developer of HRTech solutions TalentTech created the first mobile application with outplacement track. This is a ready-made green layoff scenario with materials to prepare a specialist for entering the labor market.

An employee downloads the TalentTech mobile application, moves along the track, solves tasks, receives practical advice and forms a list of interesting vacancies, thereby preparing for a new job.

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The finished outplacement track includes:

  • useful tips for employees who want to rethink their career path;
  • practical recommendations: how to write a resume, cover letter and portfolio;
  • tips for choosing positions and companies;
  • applied tools for finding suitable vacancies;
  • details about the compensation package and comparison of conditions;
  • analysis of the offer and its structure;
  • life hacks: negotiation, self-presentation, speech technique.

In the application, an employee goes through six levels, each of which contains important practical information:

  • Level 1 – rethinking the career path, compiling a list of interesting positions and companies, job search tools;
  • Level 2 – resume writing, training in adapting a resume for different positions and companies, advice on describing work experience, hard and soft skills, writing a cover letter and portfolio;
  • Level 3 – tips for passing a telephone interview, teaching the technique of speech and self-presentation;
  • Level 4 – preparation for an interview (online and offline), small talk skills;
  • Level 5 – the content of the compensation package, training in the comparison of conditions and negotiating tactics;
  • Level 6 – the structure of the offer, discussion of the proposed conditions, a test to consolidate the acquired knowledge.

“We see the need for such soft dismissal tools and a quick job search: they will help maintain a good attitude of the employee towards the company, and the company itself will provide an opportunity to strengthen the HR brand. Outplacement allows you to mitigate the negative from the very fact of dismissal, show concern for a person, help you navigate the labor market, rethink your career experience and find a new job, ”says

Maria Maslova, HR expert, director of HCM platform product methodology and TalentTech consulting.

Why outplacement is important for a company

  • Caring for the HR brand. According to research 83% of employees believe that outplacement improves their opinion of the company, 80% – which reduces the likelihood of negative feedback about the former employer after the dismissal.
  • Protection against reduced productivity. With reductions in the remaining employees, job satisfaction decreases by 41%, company loyalty by 36%, and performance efficiency by 20%.
  • Support for the desire to return to the company. Outplacement helps to maintain relationships with employees so that they are more likely to want to return to work in the company when the market situation stabilizes.
  • Reducing economic losses. When laying off people without concern for their future employment, companies notice economic losses due to employee stress, turnover and reduced sales.
  • Reducing the cost of outplacement services. Employees will prepare for a new job without the participation of managers and HR. There is no need to manually send documents and useful links: all materials will already be in the smartphone.

Within the application, the manager, HR and HR manager have access to a personal account with analytics on the progress and activity of each employee in the application, as well as feedback on the outplacement process: how useful it is, what information was missing, which especially helped.

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