We continue to talk about interesting cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I order a dozen options for myself with each new iPhone release, test them, leave a few just in case, and sell the rest or give to friends. Today we will talk about SwitchEasy Case Review.

SwitchEasy Case Review: SwitchEasy Skin

An alternative to the original silicone case when you don’t need MagSafe.

The case is available in black, navy blue, light pink, and turquoise. I got the last one, and it matches perfectly with the white iPhone. Of course, if you like this pastel color.

SwitchEasy Case Review: Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

All edges are closed, the camera is with a bezel, and there is no need to worry about scratches. The keys are duplicated and a bit tight but will stretch over time.

The only drawback, as in the original Apple case, is the closed bottom edge. Let me explain now. It does not affect swipes up in any way. It is convenient to use the device, but sliding the screen down for easy access to the upper elements is so-so. The finger clings and pulls back the silicone constantly. I think that over time it can stretch at all.

SwitchEasy Case Review: Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The MagSafe charging is magnetically attached to the smartphone in the case, but very weakly. That is, you can forget about car holders with magnets and docking stations in which the iPhone is suspended.

SwitchEasy Case Review: SwitchEasy Play

Option for those who want to hang their smartphone around their neck or shoulder and carry it like a purse. I sometimes notice girls who use similar covers in the city, and in certain scenarios, it is really convenient.

SwitchEasy Case Review: Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The model is available in black, navy blue, pink, and white. Silicone is softer than the previous version, which means the lower part (in theory) will stretch even faster.

Strap with metal tips. There is a small clip for adjustment. A black strap comes with a black case, a blue strap with a blue case, and a mixture of pink, white, and purple with pink and white.

SwitchEasy Case Review: Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

It is impossible to buy a strap separately if it is lost or create your own individual combination – they are sold only with covers.

SwitchEasy Case Review: SwitchEasy Aero

This model is made of matte plastic. Available in the following colors: white transparent, black transparent, and a case with a dark blue frame and a dark back.

The keys are correctly duplicated from the inside, they are pressed easily, but there were no false presses.

SwitchEasy Case Review: Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The corners are reinforced inside to protect the device if it falls on one of the edges. The manufacturer claims that the case can withstand drops from a height of 1.2 meters, but we will not check this.

SwitchEasy Case Review: SwitchEasy Explorer

This is already the most serious defense: transparent, glossy back panel and optional bezel in black or blue.

SwitchEasy Case Review: Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

The corners are additionally reinforced, there is an additional loop for attaching with a carabiner to a backpack, or, again, you can hook it onto a rope and wear it around your neck. The frame has carbon fiber inserts for beauty and probably reinforcement.

Protection specifications are similar to all models, but it seems to me that due to the increased frames, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your smartphone at all. We covered the display with protective glass and went hiking!

SwitchEasy Case Review: Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Conclusion: Should you buy SwitchEasy Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max?

All SwitchEasy models are priced at $25 on the official website. And I believe that this approach is the most correct: you choose a cover by its appearance, the degree of necessary protection and chips, and not by price.

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