GSC Game World continues to fuel interest in the already hotly anticipated role-playing shooter STALKER 2. In separate publications on the Xbox Wire PR website-GSC Game World manager Zakhar Bocharov spoke about released at the very end of 2020, the first gameplay teaser on the game engine and how development is progressing.

The first teaser of STALKER 2 gameplay recorded on the game engine, in case you suddenly missed

So, in STALKER 2, there will be a new main character – a stalker nicknamed Skif, whose actions, according to GSC Game World, “will mark the beginning of a new big chapter in the history of the Zone.” Through his eyes, we are shown a gloomy and hostile game world – the scene shown in the video takes place in a destroyed school on the outskirts of the abandoned city of Pripyat. The hero stumbles upon a fire and a guitar recently made by someone. Still, barely having time to look around in the twilight, he is forced to urgently seek shelter due to a powerful release of anomalous energy from the center of the Zone (STALKER without anomalies is not STALKER). Powerful emissions occur in the Zone from time to time and can kill in the blink of an eye, the developers warn.

“However, the situation is far from safe: the building is dilapidated, and the PDA does not seem to work: there is no signal. All things considered, it’s easy to miss someone hiding in the shadows. Although he seems familiar … ”

intriguing developers.

GSC Game World said the development of STALKER 2 is going “smoothly” (whatever that means), specifying that this also applies to the Xbox Series versions. Rating will be supported on both consoles, while the more powerful Series X will display at higher resolutions. Actually, back in the summer of last year, we learned that on Xbox Series X, the game would support 4K and ray tracing.

“Our goal is to create the highest quality product on every announced platform. With its fast SSD, RTX support (both Series X and Series S) and 4K resolution (Series X), we are thrilled to see STALKER 2 turns into the immersive experience we originally promised. ”

from the statement Gsc game world

STALKER 2 does not even have an approximate release date yet – they promise to reveal it in the future. At the same time, GSC Game World confirmed that the game would be available on Xbox Game Pass on release.

Previously, the developers showed several teasers with locations from the Zone, including locations from previous parts of the series.

STALKER 2: Release

As a reminder, STALKER 2 was announced at the summer presentation of the Microsoft Xbox Games Showcase. At the end of 2020, the PR manager of GSC Game World Zakhar Bocharov confirmed that the game would be released only on the current generation’s PCs and consoles. Simultaneously, the project will be a temporary console exclusive for the Xbox Series X | S. It will be released on PS5 later.

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