On February 3, the Swedish company Spotify, which owns the same name’s music streaming service and many other companies, published a report for the last quarter of 2020.

Spotify's paid subscribers surpass 150 million

Spotify’s paid subscribers rose to 155 million, up from 144 million at the end of September. A year ago, there were 124 million of them – in 12 months, the service added 31 million paying subscribers. Spotify’s closest competitor in terms of paid subscribers is Apple Music. Apple last shared statistics in June 2019, when it was reported that the number of paid subscribers to the Apple Music music service exceeded 60 million. According to Statista, as of June 2020, Apple Music had 72 million paying subscribers.

Spotify audience metrics

Users, millionIV quarter. 2019III quarter. 2020IV quarter. 2020
Total monthly active users (MAU), million people271320345
Premium subscribers, million people124144155
Owners of free accounts with advertising, million people147176190

The total number of streaming service users reached 345 million, 25 million from the previous quarter, and 74 million in annual terms.

Spotify's paid subscribers surpass 150 million

Spotify earned € 2.168 billion in revenue last quarter, up 17% from last year and 10% over Q3 2020. Operating profit increased by 21%, reaching € 575 million. Simultaneously, free cash flow from operating cash flow for capital expenses decreased from € 169 million to € 74 million.


40% of Spotify premium users are Europeans (unchanged from Q3), followed by North America with a 29% share (also unchanged).

In the first quarter of 2021, Spotify expects to have an audience of 354-364 million with 155-158 million paying subscribers. By the end of the year, the most popular music service expects to reach 407-427 million monthly active users with 172-184 million paying subscribers.

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