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South Korea unveils 5-year 6G development project

South Korea has just unveiled its five-year project to develop next-generation 6G networks. He suggests that the Korean government will invest the US $ 193 million in the construction of the 6G.

According to the source, South Korea aims to cooperate in this industry with the United States actively. At the same time, the country is aiming at the world’s first commercialization of 6G mobile communications by 2028. The announcement was made at a special 6G development meeting attended by experts, company officials, and government officials.

Science and ICT Minister Lim Hye Suk said, “As the next generation mobile network is at the heart of digital innovation, we must play together a bold and challenging role to lead the international marketplace in the 6th generation based on our networking expertise and know-how. “. The report also added that the 6G network could only be commercialized by combining a high-performance terrestrial network and satellite communications.

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) has already announced that it is working on terahertz bandwidth that could potentially provide a way to meet 6G’s terabits per second data rate requirements.

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