Sony, behind the PlayStation, has revealed plans for game releases in the near future. In its annual report to investors, the company said that by 2025, half of its games should be released on PC and smartphones, which will subsequently lead to a decrease in the share of releases for PS.

Currently, only 10% of Sony games are available for mobile devices. By 2025, their share should be 20%.


Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said that the expansion of the company’s games presence on PC and mobile devices will provide an “opportunity to move from being in a very narrow segment” of the gaming field to one where Sony is “pretty much everywhere.”

The head of the company did not say anything about the PlayStation 4, but most likely the games for it will stop coming out until 2025, as was the case with the PS3 when the PS4 was released.

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The mobile gaming segment will be driven by a new business unit at Sony IE, led by former head of content at Apple Arcade, Nicola Sebastiani.

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