Sony announced the acquisition of a minor stake in Discord, which owns the messenger of the same name – the partnership involves, among other things, the integration of Discord and PlayStation.

There are still few details about what exactly this cooperation will result in. It is only reported that Discord support on PlayStation consoles and in the Sony mobile app will appear from the beginning of 2022. The parties have already started to ensure the integration of Discord with the PlayStation Network. ” At the same time, it is not specified what exactly as planned – it will be a full-fledged Discord application for PlayStation consoles or limited integration (for example, pairing PSN and Discord accounts for more convenient communication with friends outside the platform).

The financial details of the deal were also not disclosed. It is only known that Sony participated in the recent H series investment round of the Discord messenger as a minority investor.

In March 2021, the media reported that Microsoft was negotiating the purchase of Discord for more than $ 10 billion, but in the end, the deal fell apart.

  • Discord has around 140 million monthly active users and generated $ 130 million in revenue in 2020. At the same time, business still unprofitable. Following the results of the last known investment round in November 2020, Discord received an estimate of $ 7 billion.
  • Discord’s software is free for most users. It earns the service through a paid Nitro subscription ($ 9.99 per month per user), unlocking additional features like higher resolution screen sharing, additional sticker packs, and higher limits downloads.

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