Sony briefly talked about its new development – a virtual reality headset designed specifically for the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the company did not say anything about the headset’s characteristics and did not show how it would look.

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Here are the most important points: Sony VR Headset

First, the company promised “To give players a more exciting experience and make a huge leap forward in terms of performance and interactivity. Players will be able to experience a new level of immersion in the game worlds as soon as they put on this headset ”

Secondly, “the new virtual reality system is still under development, so you shouldn’t expect it in 2021. But we wanted to share this news with our fans because the developer community is already creating new worlds that you can explore in virtual reality.“.

Also, the new PlayStation VR will improve absolutely everything that affects the gaming experience. Specifically resolution, the field of view, motion tracking, controls, and more. The headset will be connected from the console with just one cable. The company will also release a special controller for this headset.

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