To choose the right CCTV camera for your home, you first need to decide on its main tasks: a video monitor’s function, protection of a suburban area or apartment. It is also important to understand which method of transferring data and storing records is most appropriate. We decided to take apart several cameras from the leader in video surveillance systems, YI Technology.

CCTV cameras are divided into two main types: outdoor and indoor. Their main differences are in characteristics and appearance.

YI Kami Wire-Free Outdoor Camera

It easily connects to your home Wi-Fi network via a QR code, has a night vision mode and other functions available through a mobile application for iOS and Android. New for 2020 is equipped with a 140 ° wide-angle lens that shoots videos in Full HD. The recordings are stored on a microSD card or in the Kami cloud. The latter option is available by subscription.

The Kami Wire-Free contains four rechargeable batteries that are charged using the included charger. The battery life of the camera is up to 6 months.

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YI Outdoor

This outdoor CCTV camera has a waterproof and dustproof housing and a 110-degree wide-angle lens. The gadget features built-in high-power speakers capable of playing warnings and signals to scare off intruders. As soon as the camera detects suspicious movements or sounds, it will automatically notify the user’s mobile phone. We can say with confidence that this is the guarantor of the safety of your home and your loved ones if you live in a suburban area. Thanks to the two-way audio communication, which works through the app, always greet intruders without leaving your home. The YI Outdoor Camera can operate in temperatures ranging from –15 ° C to +50 ° C and during showers.

CCTV cameras YI Technology: smart technologies for the safety of loved ones

On the market, the models are distinguished by great functionality and high quality and affordable prices. Small and medium business owners often use these security cameras to ensure their employees’ safety and premises.

If we are talking about home video surveillance cameras, then, in this case, attention is often paid to the gadget’s appearance so that it fits perfectly into the interior. Also, many cameras have the function of responding to the baby crying, and due to this, they act as a video baby monitor.

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YI Home 3

In this model, the function of smart human detection deserves special attention. As soon as the camera detects a person, it does not know into the room. It will immediately send a notification and a 6-second video through the mobile application. The frequency of alerts and the camera’s sensitivity to sounds and movements can also be configured independently so that in the case of guests you will not be disturbed by unnecessary notifications … Instead of wasting your time watching long videos, thanks to the unique technology of YI Technology. You can scroll the video 32 times faster and find the right moment. YI Smart Cloud Search helps make it easier to find stored videos in storage.
It should be added that the camera has a magnetic tripod, which greatly facilitates its installation.

CCTV cameras YI Technology: smart technologies for the safety of loved ones

Yi dome x

YI Dome X will give the priceless illusion that we can control at least something in our lives. Artificial intelligence, based on which the camera works, makes it possible to distinguish humans and pets from moving objects. With the YI Home mobile app, you can customize your alert, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary things. The swivel range of 340 ° on the horizontal axis and 95 ° on the vertical axis allows you to achieve full 360 ° coverage at home and stay alert day and even at night. Eight infrared light-emitting arms provide superior distortion-free night vision up to 9 meters. Infrared sensors and LED indicators can be turned off to enjoy high-quality night vision without glare.

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CCTV cameras YI Technology: smart technologies for the safety of loved ones

All CCTV cameras from YI Technology are controlled using the YI Home mobile application, where you can independently set the camera timer and its individual functions. YI cloud storage will leave in memory all the precious moments that you often want to return to. Conscious consumption is now actively spreading, so choose equipment based on what is right for you. Explore the functions of different models, appearance, and way of connecting and transmitting the information. In this case, the video surveillance system will give you a complete sense of security, even if you are far from home.

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